Friday, May 26, 2006

Brett creates website for Grant's baseball team!

Brett has been putting his spare time to good use. He decided to create a website to track the progress of Grant's baseball team, the Tealtown Tigers. It is a work in progress, but I am impressed with everything he has managed to upload onto the site. There are a few kinks he still needs to work out, but it is a nifty little site.

You can check it out:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday, May 24; 10:30 - 1:30
Hike and picnic at Split Rock Park Conservation Park!!!
Organizers: Cari Hund-Bunten & Cindy Day


#1. PLEASE arrive by 10:15 or earlier!!! We have 90+ participants and we cannot hold up the group if you are late. So leave extra travel time in your schedule. Cari has included directions below, and Laura sent me a website. Check out everything ahead of time and leave early!! Thank you.

#2. PLEASE let us know if you aren't coming, even if it's at the last minute. We have a family of 8 on the waiting list. And if we know you are not coming, we will also not worry about you if you don't show up.

#3. I have lost the envelope where I put money and checks received early on for this event. I know it has to be somewhere in my house (where else would it go?) So, if I haven't cashed your check, that's why. If you see a ? after your name and you have paid, let me know.

#4. Don't forget to pack a lunch and plan to stay afterwards.

#5 Check to be sure your family's RSVP information below is correct.

RSVP: Day (3, paid),, Thorn (2 - paid), Leland (3, paid), Riesenberg (8, paid), Graff (4, paid), Starr (3, paid), Amy Meyer (2 - paid), , Andrew/Light (2, paid), deJager-Kennedy (3, paid), Conways (4, paid), Hadsell (3, paid), Romer (5, paid), Foreman (3 - paid), Mattei (3 - paid), Raub (4, paid), Kuhl/Craig (4, paid) Mathis (2, paid), Hardy (2?), Anderson (2?) Robbins (3?) Kappel (3, paid), Roodhouse (3, paid), Hund-Bunten (4,paid), Jones (7, paid), Bergdall (5- paid), Barrett, (4,paid), Smith (3, paid) Heist (2, paid), Soto (8- 6payers 2 babies), Diesterhaft (4, paid), Beckley ( 4paid), Short (4paid), Hensley

Directions to Split Rock:
Take 275 West toward the airport. You will go several exits past the airport to the last Kentucky exit Petersburg exit #11 ( it is about 13 miles from the1-75 split) and veer a HARD right off the exit. Go right off the exit toward Petersburg, West on hwy. 20. Just about 5 miles you’ll go down a very steep hill into the town of Petersburg. At the 1st Stop sign turn left, staying on 20. Don’t go into the city of Petersburg. It is approximately 4 miles to Split Rock which is on the Right. You’ll pass several farms, a sand and gravel query along the way. There is a gated entrance that will be open just go on back until you see the metal barn and parking lot. If you get to another stop sign that is a dead end and you have to go either left or right you have passed it, turn around and it will be a couple miles back on your left. I will have some basic signage put out so look for that too.

If you are coming from Indiana- Petersburg is the first exit once you cross the bridge into Kentucky and all the directions above still apply. You still take a right off the exit toward Petersburg- West on hwy. #20.
From Florence/Burlington: take Burlington Pike (KY 18). From Burlington go 6.7 miles to KY 20. Take a right on KY 20 and go 3.4 miles. Split Rock is located on the left

Need additional information: Go to:

After all the hype, we were really excited about this event. It was a long drive (over 50 miles from our house) and I was a bit freaked out when we got off the exit and there wasn't a gas station (as my tank was on EMPTY)...we drove the winding roads towards split rock hoping to find a gas pump....about 6 miles from the exit we found a SMALL station with a single pump (you would have easily driven by it if you hadn't been really looking...we only found it thanks to me asking a construction worker we passed on the road).

The gal that organized it did a great job setting up.....hand washing station, sunscreen, bug repelent....she thought of everything.....

Once everyone got to Split Rock we were divided into 3 groups....we were to rotate through the wetlands, a visit to split rock, and the pond. The kids enjoyed themselves for the most part, but I kept thinking about things that would have made the event better. I guess when you pay to attend something you tend to think of things that would make it worth your money. Our free programs offered by the park districts were every bit as informative, if not more so...I guess the fact that we have done pond exploring almost every year and that we just visited the wetlands out at Chilo took the "awe" factor out of everything.

The kids had a good time, I guess that was what really matters, but I don't think I would make the drive again!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

H2H family picnic photos: Chris and Grant, cornhole champs!; Sarah Leland and Brett; 2 photos of the sack race

First EVER H2H picnic
Sunday May 21
1 PM to 7 PM
Woodland Mound Park

Cindy wrote: this great weather has put me in the mood to be outside. What better way to enjoy being outdoors is to have a picnic! We're going to have our very first H2H FAMILY picnic on Sunday, May 21st and we've decided to have it at Woodland Mound Park! It is the perfect place. Here's why:

#1. It's free...although you need a hamilton parks sticker which will cost $3/day or just $5/year.

#2. They have baseball diamonds and we want to have a Parents vs. Kids whiffle ball game. (By the way, we're also going to have a cornhole tournament and some relay races. Magdie is helping with these arrangements, so you know if will be a blast!F)

#3. They have great shelters, so in case of bad weather (which is NOT going to happen!) we can gather there and not get wet.

#4. They have grills, so we can roast hot dogs. (that's right..we are providing hot dogs, buns, and condiments. you just need to bring a dish to share and your family's drinks)

So, please! mark your calendars and plan to come, even if for just part of the day.

Oh! One more thing....if your husband is coming, can you let me know. Mine is always hoping to meet dads and I'd like to let him know others are coming!

Here are more details of the day.

Sunday, May 21; 1pm - 7pmFirst Ever (hopefully annual) H2H Family Picnic
Woodland Mound Park (enter off of Rt. 52 or Nordyke Road)
Bring: Your family's drinks and a dish to share
Organizers: Cindy Day
& Magdie Faul

We will provide hot dogs, condiments, paper goods. We will roast hot dogs at 2pm. Each family should bring a dish to share and their own drinks. We'll have badminton, Corn Hole, and other games. PLEASE plan to attend.
RSVP to let us know how many are coming so we know how many hot dogs to buy! See ya' soon,CINDY

What a fun afternoon...there was quite the impressive turnout and it was nice to spend the afternoon hanging out with friends while the kids ran around and played! Even with 7 of mine in tow (Emily was at a birthday party) I had plenty of time for socializing. The food was great.

Grant and Chris Leland were to CORNHOLE CHAMPS! They weren't too thrilled with their prize (a can of corn) but are eager to return next year to defend their title!

There was a scavenger hunt that the kids enjoyed plus wiffleball. There were sack races too.

A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I hope it is an annual event!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday, May 19; 10:30am - 2pm
Field Day
Miami Riverview Park
Organizer: Laura Riesenberg
Bring: Lunch and sunscreen

Join us for a day of fun and games! Participants will be divided onto teams and compete in fun events like relay races and twisted t-ball. At the end of the day the winning team will be showered in candy, and all other participants will share in the spoils! Wear gym shoes as some games may involve running or jumping. We created this day to replicate the field day my children enjoyed so much when they attended school.

ALL ages are invited, but some may be too young for the games. Any children that are too young to participate can take advantage of the wonderful playground. Plenty of shaded areas to keep out of the sun.

If you have ideas for games, let Laura know.

RSVP to Laura at with your children's names and ages (I am going to attempt to arrange teams prior to field day).

Directions:Take I-275 to exit #52 (Loveland/Indian Hill) and turn LEFT at the bottom of the exit ramp. Follow to the first road on the right (Hopewell) and turn RIGHT onto HOPEWELL. Follow about .3 mile to Branch Hill-Loveland Rd and turn LEFT onto BRANCH HILL-LOVELAND RD. Follow about 1.5 miles to the park entrance on your RIGHT. MIAMI RIVERVIEW PARK. We will meet near the playground.

WHAT AN AWESOME DAY!!!!! We had a great turnout and ended up with 11 kid on each team (3 teams) plus plenty of toddler and preschoolers playing on the playground.

We started out with the bucket brigade(where you run from one bucket to another with a cup of water on your head and try to transfer enough to fill the bucket to the line), soccer goal kick and skateboard race(where the kids sit on the skateboard and manuebver through a obstacle course of cones). After each team completed each of those activities we had lunch. After lunch we did the tire roll for distance, dizzy teeball and over-under. After a brief water break, we did 3 more activities: sack races; shoe relay (where everyone takes off their shoes, puts them in a pile, races to pick their shoes up and put them back on); and a bean bag relay (where the kids run with a beanbag on the top of their heads).

Everyone seemed to have a great time. We had grab bags (thanks to Cindy and Deanne and me) for everyone when the event was over.

Next year I think we may add a balloon or egg toss. Those seemed to be the two things the kids requested that we didn't have.

I am just glad the lousy weather we had been having finally broke and we have gorgeous weather for the event. Not too hot, not too cold!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Volunteering at Beechmont Stables

We heard back from Judy and she is very excited that Hannah wants to volunteer at the farm! We have set it up so Hannah will volunteer every Monday during next school year while Brett, Emily and Grant are at the Monday school co-op. Brett will be taking Algebra II, Anatomy and Philosophy; Emily is taking Art and Art History; Grant is taking science and possibly an Art class. So we will drop Hannah off on the way to Monday school and I will swing by and get her before I go and pick up Grant at 12:30 PM.

Judy said she can come out any time in the summer and work with the horses, that we just need to call the day before so that she is there when we get there and has stuff arranged for her to do. Hannah is itching to get out there, so I am sure we will find a time soon, especially with dance letting up a bit in a few weeks!

Hannah is so excited that this opportunity has come through. It will be great that she can foster her love of horses and help others out too. Judy offers theraputic riding for individuals with handicaps and Hannah is hoping to be able to help with that too!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dance 2006-2007

Our dance packet just arrived in the mail!

Sophie has been asked to join acro team 1 (AT1). Can you believe my baby girl is going to be tumbling on stage in less than a year? Classes start in June, it will be interesting to see how she does. She is really excited!

Emily will be on a jazz team, ballet team and an acro team. She has also been asked to do a ballet solo! Holy crap! My kid on stage by herself! She has really come out of her shell this past year and the teacher is so impressed with her progress and stage presence that she said she is ready to go it alone!

Hannah will be on a tap team, jazz team and hip hop team. She is up one team from this past year (she found she really missed jazz). I can't wait to see how her dances develop as the owner is taking a new concept with the older dancers this year.

I still need to talk with the owner about beginning pointe for Emily (it isn't on the schedule at all) and also about the possibility of her understudying lyrical. Not that she really needs anything else to do, but I just want to make sure that if they are offered that she has the opportunity to take them!

I actually have a rough idea of what our schedule may be next year. It isn't any worse than it is now, actually even with the girls adding routines, we won't be at the studio any more than we are now! Now if it just stays that way!

Monday, May 15, 2006

UDF Tour
Monday, May 15 9:30 AM SHARP!!

Shanda wrote: Here are the final details about our UDF tour:

We will be meeting in the 2nd floor lobby by 9:30 AM. Please be prompt as the tour will start on time. This is the reception area, so we need to stay as quiet as possible while in this area. Everyone should bring a jacket, as the tour will include a short trip to the freezer at temperatures as low as 25 degrees below zero. Due to possible wet tile floors, we all MUST wear gym shoes. Tobacco and glass containers of any kind are strictly prohibited. All of us will be required to wear hair nets. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Slacks are strongly recommended instead of skirts/dresses.

Some of the machinery and equipment is very sensitive. During certain portions of the tour we will be quite close to moving machinery and conveyors; therefore, the utmost caution and restraint must be taken by all to ensure a safe and enjoyable tour.

Here are some additional safety tips I received to pass along:
Be careful. Floors can be wet due to dripping or frozen ice cream!
Watch where you are going. Our motorized trucks are busy in the plant mooving milk!
Our freezers are full of VERY COLD ice cream. Do not enter if health conditions prohibit being in extremely cold conditions!
There are some steps where we make our ice cream. Keep one hand on the railing.
There is NO parking lot for tour participants, but there is adequate on-street parking.

When I did this tour a few years ago, we were served ice cream at the end of the tour Our guide will also be happy to answer any additional questions we have while we're enjoying our ice cream.

If you are not able to make the tour for any reason, please let me know as far in advance as possible. I do have a few people on a waiting list. I can be reached via email at or at (513) 753-0010. I will have my cell phone with me the day of the tour in case you need to contact me. That number is (513) 305-2011.

Have a great week!!

Monday, May 15th - Kerri Lamb (3), Kathleen Hardy (2), Denise Kappel (3), Rosemary Andrew (2), Tina Anderson (2), Lisa Starr (2), Laura Riesenberg (7), Sara Raub (3); still space for 1 more

Directions according to my confirmation letter:
3955 Montgomery Road
Norwood, OH 45212

Coming from the North or South on 75
Take 75 to the Norwood Lateral (SR 562).
Take the Norwood Lateral to the Montgomery Road exit.
Turn LEFT at the first stop sign.
Turn LEFT at the next stop sign also.
Proceed to the traffic light and turn LEFT. This is Montgomery Road.
Follow Montgomery Road to the 7th traffic light.
UDF is adjacent to this light on the RIGHT.

Coming from the South on 71
Take 71 North to the Smith/Edwards Road exit.
Turn LEFT off the ramp.
Proceed to the 1st traffic light and turn LEFT. This is Williams Avenue.
Take Williams Avenue through to the 2nd traffic light. This is Montgomery Road. (UDF plant will be in front of you.
Turn LEFT on to Montgomery Road.

Coming from the North on 71
Take 71 South to the Norwood Lateral (SR 562).
Take the Norwood Lateral to the Montgomery Road exit.
Turn LEFT off the exit. This is Norwood Avenue.
Proceed to the traffic light and turn LEFT. This is Montgomery Road.
Follow Montgomery Road to the 7th traffic light.
UDF is adjacent to this light on the RIGHT.

Coming from the East on 275
Take 275 North to 71 South.
From here, follow the directions for "Coming from the North on 71".
Coming from the West on 74
Take 74 East to 75 North to the Norwood Lateral (SR 562).
Take this to Montgomery Road exit.
From here, follow the directions for "Coming from the North or South".

I had seen this tour "advertised" in the KIDS LOVE OHIO book and was excited when the info about an upcoming tour came through on our local homeschooling list. It was a bit of a pain that there are FIRM on the 1st grade and up rule, so Sophie and Will had to stay home with Jay.

We met in the reception area of the building. We were all given LOVELY paper hairnets to wear, quite the fashion statement. Have to say that I was glad to be the one taking pictures (I will post them later!). The tour started out in the VAT room where they pasturize the milk. We then headed down to see the raw milk storage tanks and were AMAZED at their size and how much milk the factory handles each day. We saw the receiving area for the milk and then saw them make bottles and the process of bottling orange drink (the drink they were producing today), then it was on to the icecream processing area. Today they were running Vanilla icecream. Then she took us into the freezer started out at a balmy 32 degrees, then we walked into the second area which was zero degrees, and then into the last area which was a cool 32 degrees BELOW ZERO! Needless to say a couple of minutes in there and we were all chattering to get out! We were then taken to a break room where we were all treated to ICECREAM fresh off the was SO YUMMY! If I could I would never eat icecream from the store again, it is so much better fresh off the line.

I highly recommend the tour to anyone with kids over the reqired 6 years old! It was great fun for a FREE tour!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

School Captain Cruise aboard the BB Riverboats!!!!!
Wednesday, May 10, 2006; 9:30am (Boarding time)
Location: 101 Riverboat Row; Newport, Kentucky, 41071
Price: $5.50 plus tax .33(6%) =$5.83 per person (babies in arms at all time no charge).
Organizer: Magdie

Magdie is no longer personally taking reservations for the cruise, but doesn't want anyone left out either. If you are still interested in cruising, call Angie (BB Riverboats) directly at (859) 261-8500. Let her know you would like to be added to Magdie Faul's group AND will be paying separately. (The "paying separately" part is really important because Magdie has already mailed in her contract and down payment based on the contract.) If you have Angie add you to the cruise, please contact Magdie at or (513) 752-3904 so she knows to be looking for you.

RSVP: Alper/Anikka (2, paid), Anderson (2, paid), Andrew/Light (2, paid), Basu (2), Bergdall (6, paid), Brenneman (2, paid), Conways (4, paid), Craigs (4, paid), Day (3, paid), Faul (2, paid), Foreman (2, paid), Freeson (3, paid), Hall-Cheryl (2, pay), Hardy (2, paid), Hensley (4, paid), Johnson (4, paid), Jones-Jenny (5, paid), Jones-Katherine (5, paid), Johns-Catherine (5,paid) Kappel (4, paid), Kennedy (5, paid), Leland (3, paid), Miranda (12 from 2 families, paid), Myer (2, paid), Riesenberg (8, paid), Richmond (4, paid), Romer (6, paid), Starr (3, paid), Steele (2, paid), Thorn (3, paid), Wallace (4, paid)

You should have heard the groan that rose from the backseat of the van as we pulled into the parking lot for the riverboats and saw SCHOOL BUSES lined up with children filing out of them. Nothing puts a damper on an otherwise fun outing than seeing a group of school kids. Then to realize that they will be crammed onto the same small boat with you...well the word perturbed is probably a bit too gentle.

The boat was crammed, luckily we got onto the upper deck first and were able to secure chairs. I would not have been happy if I had had to stand for the entire boat ride. The boat was so full, it made one wonder what the weight capacity of the vessel might certainly didn't help that we had just watched a special on the making of Poseidon where the boat overturns! Believe me each of my kids knew where the life jackets were and who was responsible for getting jackets on whom.....

The captain was quite informative and the cruise itself wasn't all that bad, but it would have been so much nicer minus the school kids.

We stopped at Izzy's for lunch after the cruise, not really in the budget right now, but I just had to have a rueben and potato pancake!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday, May 9th; 11 AM
Park Program: Wondrous Wetland Expedition
Location: Crooked Run Nature Preserve, Chilo.
ALL ages
Free program
Organizer: Laura RiesenbergRSVP:

Have you ever wondered why wetlands are important and what lives in them? On this expedition we'll visit the wetland, with nets, in search of clues. Waterproof boots are recommended. If the weather is nice, we will picnic following the program and check out the new visitors center.
Please contact Laura at if you would like to attend! There is plenty of room, feel free to show up even if you don't RSVP. The more the merrier!

RSVPs: Riesenberg, Robbins, Fetters, Vaske, Bass, Smith, Braswell

Take 275 South to Kellogg Avenue, Route 52 (East)
Follow Eastbound Route 52 for about 30 minutes.

When travelling on 52 you will pass through New Richmond, Point Pleasant, Moscow, and Neville before coming to Chilo. When you pass Meldahl Dam you will be about 2 miles away. When entering the village of Chilo, you will see a brown sign at the intersection of 52, and State Route 222 that says "Chilo Lock #34 Scenic Byway Visitor Center". The park entrance will be on the right.

Outside of the fact that we were about 10 minutes late because of an accident on 275 and me having to stop and get gas in New Richmond (I vaguely remembered there was no place to get gas on the way out to Chilo) this was an absolutely great program...oh I forgot I ever so gracefully fell and took all the skin off my knee as I walked to the restroom....but the program itself was really cool!

Dennis and Sheila started off with explaing exactly what a wetland is and what it does and then we went into the wetland with nets, buckets, magnifying glasses and small collection/observations jars. The kids quickly spread out over the wetland and the constant echo of "look what I caught" was heard over and over again! Crayfish, tadpoles, frogs, fish, snails, bugs galore, was amazing everything the kids caught! Of course my boys managed to get their shirts muddy and wet and were more than happy to shed their shirts and go topless in the water.

Shanda Smith was a sweetheart and played with Will in the muck. He was so excited to play with his net but I didn't want to venture into the mud and Shanda had on boots so she waded in with him. Sophie wasn't too keen on getting dirty, but she liked looking at all the butterflies and birds flying around and also at the collection buckets. Next year we will know to wear water shoes and swimsuits so that wading into the wetland isn't as tramatic for her!

After the program some of stayed and ate a picnic lunch and explored the new vistors center. The boys all played a game of baseball (it is amazing how when you have a group of 6-10 year old boys how baseball games just seem to break out! Someone always has a bat and ball in their car and usually a few of the kids even have gloves).

We decided we will probably repeat the program next spring and also do a bug safari there this fall. Amazing that I am scheduling programs from May 2007 already isn't it?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Horse and Foal Activity
Tuesday, May 2nd 10 AM

Cindy C. wrote: I have set this up for Tues. May 2nd at 10:00 at Beechmont Stables.


The simple directions are:
Take 275 to the Beechmont exit, go east on Beechmont toward Amelia. Turn left on Gardner Lane. Barn is at 3962 Gardner Lane.

More detailed directions are:
Take 275 to the Beechmont exit, go east on Beechmont toward Amelia. The barn is on Gardner Lane which is about 2 miles out from 275. You will go through an area with several lights spaced close together, once past these lights, look for a Marathon station on the left. There is a traffic light a little past the Marathon. Go straight through this and turn left onto Gardner Lane. It is the 2nd street past the traffic light. There is an office building on the corner that has a very large street number sign. Once on Gardner Lane, look for the bright yellow mailbox on the right, it is a about a block down. The address is 3962 Gardner Lane.

There is no cost for this activity but if you would like to make a donation to help with the care of the foals, I'm sure she wouldn't turn it down.

You can also visit their website at

We had such a blast at this activity. Hannah, Emily, Cade and Sophie decided to participate and we got more than we bargined for and all for FREE! We learned out the rescued foals (basically they are thrown away because their moms become wet nurses for throughbred foals) and the other rescued horses she had on the farm. A fellow homeschooler, Hannah C., boards her rescued horse there.

We were told how to groom the horses and all of the kids got to try it first hand. She then showed them how to saddle one of the horses (Rocky) and then all the kids got to ride him. One top of the rescued horses, she also has a goose, dog and mama cat with kittens.

Hannah is hoping to volunteer at the farm and I have contacted to owner hoping to set it up.