Thursday, February 25, 2010

Muse Mama

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OK, I have only read the introduction and the first chapter of Pearl's "To Train Up a Child" ( and I can not believe that ANY thinking person could possibly think that they should follow his advise. I can't believe that anyone could read of "switching" at 4 month old with a willow branch for attempting to climb the steps are the actions of a loving connected parent. That purposefully taunting your child with an object of their desire and then "switching" their hand for reaching for it builds trust between parent and child. This just makes me SICK. That at least 2 families have murdered their children, justifying their actions because of this book is appalling.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Hannah!

I can't believe that I am now the mother to 2 adult children! Before Hannah was born I had worried, would I be able to love her as much as I loved my firstborn child...the second she was born, the question was answered, my love wasn't divided in half, but multiplied by 2!

Hannah's hospital picture from 18 years ago. She had the most beautiful rosebud lips....and yes, she is the ONLY one of my children that really looks like me! Poor girl!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Year of the TIGER!

February 14th marked the start of the year of the Tiger. Usually we go out to the local chinese buffet to celebrate chinese new year, but with the forecast of a severe winter storm hitting on Monday (yesterday), I thought it a better idea to pick up ingredients to make our own chinese feast for dinner last night...... sweet and sour chicken and fried rice! Here are our favorite tried and true recipes!

Fried rice recipe: (I triple this recipe)

Sweet and sour sauce recipe: (I quadruple this recipe for my crew, since we like it not only on our chicken but also on our rice!)

I totally cheat and just buy frozen popcorn chicken to serve with this...and the sauce would also work well with pork! This is one meal that EVERYONE in the family will eat! I have a couple that prefer white rice (there is always plenty of white rice left over to use after we make the fried rice).

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