Saturday, May 31, 2008

Due to the rain, field day which was orginially scheduled for May 16th was postponed until Friday May 30th! Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we were able to have our 4th annual Homeschool Field Day!

Field Day
Friday, May 30; 10:30am - 2pm
Miami Riverview Park Loveland, OH
Organizer: Laura Riesenberg
What to bring: Lunch, water bottles(can be refilled in restroom) and sunscreen. If you would like to bring candy or a small treat for grab bags,that would be great!

Join us for a day of fun and games! Participants will be divided onto teamsand compete in fun events like relay races and twisted t-ball. Wear gymshoes as some games may involve running or jumping. We created this day to replicate the field day my children enjoyed so much when they attendedschool (it was the ONLY thing they missed about being in school!) There are also many toddlers that will be playing on the playground. This year wehope to divide the kids onto smaller teams and have even moreactivities/stations for the teams to rotate through. If you have an ideafor a great team oriented game, please let me know.ALL ages are invited, but some may be too young for the games. Any children that are too young to participate can take advantage of the wonderful playground and HUGE sandbox. Plenty of shaded areas to keep out of the sun. CLEAN restrooms with running water.

Directions: Take I-275 to exit #52 (Loveland/Indian Hill) and turn LEFT atthe bottom of the exit ramp. Follow to the first road on the right(Hopewell) and turn RIGHT onto HOPEWELL. Follow about .3 mile to BranchHill-Loveland Rd (you should see a small brown sign on the right hand sideof the road pointing to the park) and turn LEFT onto BRANCH HILL-LOVELANDRD. Follow about 1.5 miles to the park entrance on your RIGHT. MIAMIRIVERVIEW PARK. We will meet near the playground, most likely in the largeshelter behind the playground.

What a BLAST......the hardest part as always is dividing the kids onto teams. We had three teams: the Hunters (captained by Emily and Katlyne), the Firehawks (captained by Hannah, Jade and Xandra), and the Falcons (captained by Grant and Chris). We started out with an egg relay (where you run from one bowl to another with a plastic egg on a spoon----yes, I REFUSED to deal with the mess of real ), over-under playground ball relay(which will most likely be replaced with a sponge/water/bucket relay next year) and skateboard obstacle course(where the kids sit on the skateboard and manuever through a obstacle course of cones). After each team completed each of those activities we had lunch. We ran into a little glitch were another group (from a private Christian school) had reserved the shelter but they were wondefully gracous and shared the space with us!). After lunch we did the motorcylce tire roll for points (thanks to an ingenious set up on homeschooling dad, Woody's, part!), dizzy teeball and soccer goalkick. After a brief water break, we did 2 more activities where the kids competed head to head: sack races and a shoe relay (where everyone takes off their shoes, puts them in a pile, races to pick their shoes up and put them back on). We ended with the announcement of the winning team (the Falcons captained by Grant and Chris) and distribution of goody bags full of candy! We had over 65 kids divided onto teams and about 10 younger siblings, because we just got in under the gun with 75 goody bags!

A special thanks to any parent who participated and helped man an event or donated items for the goodie bags. I couldn't have done it without your help!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristin!

Fellow homeschooling family, the Baynes, invited us to a picnic on Sunday to celebrate their daughter Kristin's 2nd birthday. Everyone had a great time, it is so nice to be around families that enjoy being around their kids and enjoying life's simple pleasures! And Grant and Emily are bugging the crap out of me to buy them that bicycle built for two!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures from Dance USA

Our final competition for the 2007-2008 season was Dance USA, I took a few pictures of the girls and thought I would share them!

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The local waterpark...THE BEACH...opened it's season yesterday. The boys insisted they wanted to go today despite the fact that it was only 60 degrees out. Yesterday the waterpark had only 50 guests, today we counted about 20 during our 2 hours stay. Needless to say there weren't any lines!

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Jay's brother's wedding

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Can you tell me boys are sport's fans??? I had to laugh at the "living" card they gave me for Mother's Day!