Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Adorable Little One
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Here are some of Luke's 6 week photos.....I had them taken at JC Penney last week. He was extremely fussy, so I was very happy with how they turned out.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fossil Program and Dig
Caesar Creek State Park
Directions: http://caesarcreekstatepark.com/ or Visitors center (513) 897-1050
Friday, June 1st at 10:00am
Open to homeschoolers of all ages

The day will go something like this
10:00-11:30 Meet at the visitors center. A park ranger will take us outside for a short pond study and hike. Then we'll go back to the visitors center to look at the exhibits and have an indoor fossil program.
11:30 We'll eat lunch
After lunch a Ranger will accompany our group to the area where we will dig for fossils.

All who collect fossils must obey the following rules.

1) Fossils may be collected for personal use only.
2) No tools of any sort may be used to collect fossils.
3) Only fossils that are palm-sized or smaller may be taken from the spillway.
4) Vehicles must be parked off the road in the designated area or on the shoulder of the road.
5) No one is allowed to climb the rock walls or the area of debris below the wall.

Outdoor Adventure
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The weather was PERFECT and we had a wonderful time. Jason, the naturalist that worked with our group, was new to the whole "naturalist" thing...he has only been a naturalist for one month....did a great job talking about fossils with the kids and leading the group on a short hike around the pond. After the first part of the program, we ate lunch and then headed off on the fossil dig.

I do wonder if most of the families that joined us were the school at home type as they wanted to RUSH, RUSH, RUSH and get things done and "stay on schedule" rather than sit and eat and socialize and let the kids play. I feel sorry for families that don't take the time to just enjoy the moment, I see it so much in families whose kids are in school, but it really pains me to see it in families that chose to homeschool their children.

Sophie was the most excellent of fossil hunters, the boys were discouraged because most of the ones they thought were "cool" were too big to bring home with them! Luke did pretty well, he slept though the morning program and nursed during lunch and then when the kids hunted fossils.