Monday, July 28, 2008

What: Passport to Fishing Program
When: Monday July 28, 2008 10 AM to 2 PM
Where: Lake Isabella Loveland, OH
Who: Homeschoolers ages 10 and up, limited to 24 participants
RSVP: Laura
Costs: Free (Hamilton County parks yearly sticker or daily pass required $5 yearly/$2 daily per vehicle)
What to bring: lunch, sunscreen and an eagerness to learn

“Passport to Fishing” is sponsored in part by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. Fishing fundamentals are taught including casting, knots and rigging, habitat and handling. Passport to Fishing is promoted as an easy way to learn the basics of angling, get kids outdoors and on the road to a lifetime of recreational activity. As part of the program participants will be assembling their own rod and reel fishing pole that they will take home with them at the end of the program. Participants will also recieve a copy of Sport Fishing: Aquatics Resoures Handbook

Parents are welcome to drop children off for the program, remember to pick up promptly at 2 PM. If you decide to stay on site, you may NOT have younger siblings in the program areas (classroom and fishing at lake with the group). There is a playground within the park limits that you may choose to visit during the program.

Despite a slight mess up with Angie (naturalist) where she ended up being an hour late, the program went amazingly well. When the other naturalists realized she was going to be late, they got the kids set up with fishing and then Mike got the kids working on assembling their poles. The kids were wonderful and paid attention as they were led through pole assembly. When Angie got there she went over all that they would need to know to be successful fishermen/women.

Grant caught a TINY fish, bigger than his late great catch, but still smaller than his hand! Cade waded in and snagged a "dying" catfish, it died almost as soon as he got it out of the water. It weighed a little over a pound and he was so excited, even though he didn't catch it with his pole. He asked to bring it home to show his dad, and despite the odd looks from other moms, I let him put it in a bag and bring it home. On a side note, a mom whose kids were at the fishing clinic brought a bunch of bagels from the food pantry her daughter volunteers at (apparently they throw out the baked goods at the end of each day) so I had a bunch of bagels in my van.....between the dead fish and the everything bagels, my car smelled like a jewish deli!

I was slightly annoyed...somehow the information about the event, that I only advertised on a local group I am active with (due to the limit on the # of kids I could have), got posted outside the group. It isn't that I mind others being there, but it that people from the group that came NEVER post their stuff outside of their group and they would never let people who weren't part of their exclusive group participate. OK rant over!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Luke and Louie! Just had to share this picture, I thought it was just so adorable. Louie is amazingly patient with Luke and all his climbing!
Bake-it Contest at the County Fair!

Sophia returned to her reign as CHAMPION of the CUPCAKE DIVISION (she won 3rd place last year but had won first place the year before). There were over 20 entries in her division. Little brother William also entered cupcakes and although they didn't win, he was so proud that he decorated them all by himself!

After 3 years of NOT even placing, Emily WON 1ST PLACE in the quick bread division! She made a WONDERFUL Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bread.

Grant tried his hand at a decorated cake for the first time this year! He came in 3rd place in his division, pretty impressive if you saw some of his competition!

Tri-State Warbird Museum

What: History Hunters: Tri-State Warbird Museum Tour

When: Friday July 25th, 10 AM -12 PM

Who: Homeschoolers of all ages welcome, but the program is geared to students middle school age and above. Limited to 40 participants.

Cost: FREE (HUGE SAVINGS over the regular admission price of $12 for adults and $7 for students)

RSVP: to Laura no later than Thursday July 17th as I have to get a count to Rick so he can accommodate our group.

The men that run this museum have been WONDERFUL to deal with and very quick to respond to my tour request, they are opening just to let our group tour! They said cameras are welcome and encourage us to take photos during our visit.

The tour will include:
20 minute film introducing visitors to the history of aircrafts used in WWII

Presentation by a WWII veteran accompanied by a 15 minute film (30-40 minutes in length).

30-40 minute tour of the hanger to see the aircrafts.

The group will be divided into 2 smaller groups, we will all watch the film together and then split into groups to rotate between the veteran and the hanger.

About the museum:A Historic Aviation Museum ...dedicated to remembering those who fought for our freedom, and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice...The Museum is a 20,000 square foot (Phase I) state-of-the-art facility which provides:An inviting atmosphere to facilitate the restoration and preservation of the aircraft, while maximizing the Museum's educational mission. An exhibit area for historic artifacts and related items to highlight the history of the Museum's aircraft. A library of reference books, magazines, videos, films, and other educational materials. A classroom and lecture facility to provide educational forums to schools and interested groups. An aircraft display area that honors the role of the aircraft to illustrate the progress of aviation development and to honor the contribution of military aviation. A professional restoration shop to enhance the mission of restoring and preserving original historic aircraft. Ample suitable storage area for specialized tooling and parts storage.

DirectionsThe Tri-State Warbird Museum is conveniently located on the eastern side of Cincinnati, just minutes off of Interstate 275 and State Route 32, located at the end of a set of streets named after heroic aviation and space pioneers Neil Armstrong, John Glenn and Frank Borman.

To reach the Museum, take Interstate 275 to State Route 32 East (Exit 63B). Follow Route 32 for 3.0 miles to the third traffic light, and turn right onto Old State Route 74. Follow Old SR 74 for 1.1 miles, and turn right onto Armstrong Blvd. Make the next left onto Glenn Parkway. Finally, turn right onto Borman Drive. The Museum is located at the end of Borman Drive, next to the Clermont County Airport.

This tour was SO WONDERFUL. Rick did a wonderful job of recruiting volunteers to work with our group (they were able to divide our group into small groups of 4 or 5 people). The response to the tour was so tremendous that we had to set up two seperate tours! One went off at 9 AM and one at 10:30 AM. The veteran that spoke to our group was wonderful and engaging and willing to answer any questions that we posed!

A few pictures:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

$10 Meal challenge to myself

A mom on an email list I am active on mentioned last week that she makes dinner for her family of 6 for $5 a night. I was intrigued. I had to ask what she made and she mentioned a few meals )s[aghetti with meat sauce and roasts) and some shopping tips. I figured if she could do it, so could I, so I challenged myself to make meals for our family of 11 for $10 a night, can't say that I am doing all that well.....

Dinner#1: Pot Roast, Veggies and Bread
Meal Total: $12.79
Pot Roast: 4 lb of meat on Manager's Special $7
5 lb Potatoes: $ 3
Carrots: left over from veggie tray at Emily's party
Onion: left over from Emily's party
Celery: left over from Emily's party
Box onion soup mix: $0.79
2 loaves french bread: $2

Dinner #2: Cincinnati Style Chili with spaghetti
Meal Total: $14.48
3 lb ground Chuck on Manager's Special $3.59
2 packages Chili Mix: $2.38
2 cans tomato paste: $0.44
2 boxes Barilla pasta sauce: $2.50
Cheese: $3.49
Crackers: $1.39
Onion: $0.69
I had enough chili to feed 2 extra teens and enough left over for dinner tomorrow night CONEYS! Of course we went through all the cheese, so that will be another expense for tomorrow.

Her advise was to use ground turkey and pasta for most meals, in season fruits and veggies too. If I ever get this mastered, I will be sure to share my tips.

Anyone out there have any recipes or tips for cutting the food budget?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winner's Circle for 4-H

onight was winner's circle for 4-H. Unfortunately most of the members of our club didn't make it to judging, but everyone that did WON!

Our Club Scrapbook came in 3rd Place

Our Club Secretary book came in 5th place

Chris L. came in 1st place and Grant came in 2nd place in Play the Role

Jacob came in 1st place in Bicycle Adventures 1

Sophia got her Cloverbud Ribbon

On a funny side note....While I was standing at Winner's Circle someone came up to me and said "Did you go to Walnut Hills?" and when I said "Yes" she said "Do you remember me?" I actually did...her first name was Kim, pretty good given my typical crappy memory. Her 3 daughters are really into 4-H and the oldest was even a species representative. Funny how two city gals ended up out in the "country" at the COUNTY FAIR!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We had a scavenger hunt for Emily's birthday!

Here is a list of the things the teams tried to do...they each took a digital camera with them and had 5 minutes to plan and 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete the hunt!

Take a picture of your team by a police car (10 pt) (10 pt extra is including a police officer)
Take a picture with a total stranger. Your team must be in the classic "YMCA" pose (15 pt)
Take a picture of your team riding a lawn mower (15 pt)
Take a picture of a horse (10 pt)
Take a picture of your team in a shower (5 pt)
Collect a sample of play sand (5 pt)
Take a picture of your team climbing a tree (10 pt)
Take a picture of your entire team on a playground slide (10 pt)
Take a picture of your team doing the chicken dance in front of a stopsign (15 pt)
Take a picture of your team holding different kinds of balls (10 pt)
Take a picture of your team next to construction equipment (5 pt)
Collect a real estate magazine/book (5 pt)
Collect a feather (10 pt)
Take a picture of one of your team mates drinking from a waterfountain (5 pt)
Take a picture shaking hands with a bearded man (15 pt)
Take a picture of a bus (5 pt)
Take a picture of your team on a fire truck (20 pt)
Take a picture of a team mate riding on a kiddie ride (5 pt) (10 pt if you get 4 members to ride!)
Take a picture of yoru team in a swimming pool or hot tub (20 pt)
Take a picture giving an older person a hug (15 pt)
Take a picture of your team mates with paper cones on their heads (10 pt)Get the following coins from 6 different people (other than team members): $0.01 $0.05 $0.10 $0.25 $0.50 $1.00 (3 pt per coin) Bonus points if you get them all (10 bonus pt)
Get a picture of some walking their dog (5pt)
Picture of the smallest house you can find (5 pt)
Picture of a local town offical (5 pt)
Picture of the longest limo or car you can find (5 pt)
Picture of someone in work attire (5 pt)
Picture of someone on your team mimicing a statue (statue must be in the picture)( 5 pt)
Picture of someone on your team knee high in the river (10 pt)
Picture of someone on your team in a garbage can (10 pt)
Picture of a member of your team pumping a stranger's gasoline (10 pt)Picture of someone with more than 4 children with them, children must be in picture (10 pt)
Picture of your team sharing a soda, everyone must have their own straw (10 pt)
Picture of your team doing a human pyramid (10 pt)
Trade a pice of clothing with a stanger (25 pt)
Must have a photo to prove tradeGet a random person's phone number (10 pt)
Get a cup from a restaurant and get it autographed by the employee that gives it to you (15 pt)
Make a guy on your team run around the park once screaming "I LOVE EMILY!" (10 pt)
Collect a shopping bag from a local store (5 pt)
Collect something red ( 5 pt)
Collect a reciept from a local restaurant (10 pt)
Collect a cicada (10 pt)
Get a piece of sidewalk chalk and write all your names down at the Riesenberg's house. (10 pt)
Find someone who was born in another country (other than someone in your group). (10 pt)
Get a sea shell. (5 pt)
See how many signatures you can get. (1 pt per signature)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My friend Steph has a new addiction...PSP and tag making! This is one of the first ones she made, so I thought I would share it here. Why?? Because I can!

My friend Steph is addicted to PSP and is learning to make tags from our friend Tracy...this is one of the first ones she made and I thought I would share it here....why??? Because I can!