Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winner's Circle for 4-H

onight was winner's circle for 4-H. Unfortunately most of the members of our club didn't make it to judging, but everyone that did WON!

Our Club Scrapbook came in 3rd Place

Our Club Secretary book came in 5th place

Chris L. came in 1st place and Grant came in 2nd place in Play the Role

Jacob came in 1st place in Bicycle Adventures 1

Sophia got her Cloverbud Ribbon

On a funny side note....While I was standing at Winner's Circle someone came up to me and said "Did you go to Walnut Hills?" and when I said "Yes" she said "Do you remember me?" I actually did...her first name was Kim, pretty good given my typical crappy memory. Her 3 daughters are really into 4-H and the oldest was even a species representative. Funny how two city gals ended up out in the "country" at the COUNTY FAIR!

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