Friday, July 04, 2008


A. Baker said...

Hi, Laura, didn't quite know how to "contact" you...I'm still new to blogging. I'm so glad I found your blog...I was getting discouraged. I homeschool, at least I hope I can continue to, but last year what I consider unschooling. And we don't vaccinate. And I'm sick of people thinking I'm odd cuz I don't use a "standard homeschool curriculum". I'm planning on trying KONOS next fall, but it'll be VERY flexible and loose. My son, 1st grader, just does not learn or desire to learn when he's not interested in something. So we'll see how much "schooling" we actually do. Could I get your email address? I have a few questions, and I'd love to get together sometime...see how desperate for fellow hs company I am to ask a stranger??!! Anywhoo, in addition to my 1st grader, I have a 2 yr. old, and an 8 month old. We live in Sharonville now, but are moving to Finneytown before the summer's over.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. :) -Angie

Laura Riesenberg said...


My email is feel free to email me anytime. I try to check mail every day, I am better with that than I am checking the blog!