Sunday, September 28, 2008

How we spent our Sunday...

So....this is how I spend my Sunday.....this happened on one of the opening play of Grant's game, Jay was in the announcer's booth and went onto the field when he realized Grant wasn't getting up and people were screaming for ice and someone to call 911, when I saw him turn white and look like he was going to puke I went running onto the field (any good sports mom knows you NEVER go onto the field, you leave everything in the coaches hands), the quick glimpse I got of it was more than enough, thankfully I could hear the sirens approaching quickly....btw, this was my first ambulance trip ever! I rode in the ambulance with Grant and Jay and my mom (who happened to be at the game) met us down there.

We just got home for the hospital.......they were able to do a closed reduction and think they have everything lined up and he won't have to have surgery...both bones are broke through.....tibia at the growth plate, fibula further up (forgive me if those are spelled wrong!). We are supposed to make an appointment to see the ortho in a week to 10 days, so we probably won't know anything else until then. Grant was an absolute trooper, never cried or shed a tear the entire time, even when he had 3 doses of morophine in him and was still rating his pain at a 7 or 8. He is hanging out on the couch right now, perocet numbing the pain. Docs at Children's said 6-8 weeks in a cast, then rehab. Only time will tell.

On a funny side note, Grant demanded that I call someone to find out the score of his from his game, he got hurt on one of the opening plays. We got ahold of one of the dad's on the teamr...he gave us a wonderful update with a play by play and Grant was happy going into the reduction knewing his team pulled off an amazing win! Click on photo to enlarge!

Just a few shots from the Family, Farm, Garden and Environment Day at the Clermont County fairgrounds. Playing around with the collage prints at picasa! Click on the print to make it larger.
What: Family, Farm, Garden and Environment Day
When: September 27th from 10am to 3pm
Where: At the Clermont County Fairgrounds: 1000 Locust St. Owensville, OH 45160
Costs: FREE!

The Clermont County Agricultural Center's Family, Farm and EnvironmentDay in participation with the Great Outdoor Weekend will be onSaturday September 27 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m at the Clermont CountyFairgrounds. Come ride around the fairgrounds on a hay wagon and seeall that we have to offer.

The USDA Farm Service Agency will have displays and talks about grainsthat are grown in Clermont County. Come on and learn about the foodyou eat and the wide range of products produced from our locally growngrains.

The Ohio State Extension of Clermont County will be demonstrating safefood preservation, how to compost, learn to winterize your garden,agricultural and natural resource youth activities and animals forviewing such as dairy goats, exotic cattle, and more.

The Clermont Soil and Water District will be having rain barrel andrain garden demonstrations and stream monitoring activities for youth.

There will also be displays from Clermont County Farm Bureau, ClermontCounty Cattleman's Association, a Goat Show put on by the ClermontCounty Meat Goat Association, and more.

This event would not be possible without our host and sponsors, theGreat Outdoor Weekend, Clermont County Agricultural Society andClermont County Farm Bureau.
Event held rain or shine with concessions available.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What: History Hunters: Wright Cycle Company Complex Tour
When: Friday September 26, 2008 10 AM
Where: The Wright Cycle Company & Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center Dayton, OH (directions below)
Who: Homeschoolers of all ages, program geared to grades 2 -12
Cost: FREE
RSVP: Laura

Wright Cycle Company Complex: This tour will help participants discover the importance of the Hoover Block and The Wright Cycle Company building in serving as the locations of the mechanical development for the foundation of the first heavier-than-air flying machine. Participants will investigate the early careers of the Wright brothers by exploring the only original bicycle shop and print shop remaining in Dayton, while engaging in interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.Grades 2 – 12. 60-90 minutes (90-120 minutes with movie).From the coordinator: Usually, we start with the orientation movie (30minutes). Next we tour through the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center and then walk across the plaza to the Wright Cycle Company building.If we need to split into two groups - one group will tour the interpretive center while the other tours the bicycle shop; then switch. After your programs here, you could walk or drive to the Oak &Ivy Park which is located on Edwin C. Moses and Horace Street, just a few block away for lunch.

Getting to our Facilities: The Wright Cycle Company & Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center-South Williams Street From either North or South I-75, take the Third Street exit (53) and proceed west along Third to Williams Street (2nd street light after bridge). Turn left onto Williams. The buildings are on your left. Bus parking is on the street. Other parking is available in our lot accessed from Fourth Street. The RTA bus line also runs along West Third Street.

What a wonderful program! Being a Cincinnati resident my whole life, you would think I would have BEEN TAUGHT at some point, the historical significance of Dayton in the entire "first flight" event! The center is very informative and everyone in attendance learned so much. The weather was just perfect for walking the neighborhood and getting a sense of the "streets" that Orville and Wilbur walked each day. Click on collage to enlarge.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike hits Ohio!
Living 12 hours from the closest beach, one with never think a hurricane would hit Ohio. Apparently weather conditions were just perfect and that ONCE IN A LIFETIME storm blow our way! With no power, there was nothing better to do than walk the neighborhood the day after Ike hit Loveland. All of the pictures of damage are from within a 1/2 mile of our house. The pictures of the kids are from the football games we were watching when Ike hit! Can you believe they played football in hurricane force winds??? And our dinner by candlelight of coldcuts was recorded, figuring it would be the ONLY night we ate that way....hahahaha...we didn't get power back for 4 days and meals by candlelight became the norm. After spending Sunday through Wednesday with no power, I decided I am not cut out for a pioneers life!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the people across the street and 2 houses up who had their car crushed by a huge tree, I intended to take a pic when we came back from our walk, but they cut it off when we were out walking (we were gone about 2 hours).

Click on the collage to bring it up full size.