Sunday, September 28, 2008

How we spent our Sunday...

So....this is how I spend my Sunday.....this happened on one of the opening play of Grant's game, Jay was in the announcer's booth and went onto the field when he realized Grant wasn't getting up and people were screaming for ice and someone to call 911, when I saw him turn white and look like he was going to puke I went running onto the field (any good sports mom knows you NEVER go onto the field, you leave everything in the coaches hands), the quick glimpse I got of it was more than enough, thankfully I could hear the sirens approaching quickly....btw, this was my first ambulance trip ever! I rode in the ambulance with Grant and Jay and my mom (who happened to be at the game) met us down there.

We just got home for the hospital.......they were able to do a closed reduction and think they have everything lined up and he won't have to have surgery...both bones are broke through.....tibia at the growth plate, fibula further up (forgive me if those are spelled wrong!). We are supposed to make an appointment to see the ortho in a week to 10 days, so we probably won't know anything else until then. Grant was an absolute trooper, never cried or shed a tear the entire time, even when he had 3 doses of morophine in him and was still rating his pain at a 7 or 8. He is hanging out on the couch right now, perocet numbing the pain. Docs at Children's said 6-8 weeks in a cast, then rehab. Only time will tell.

On a funny side note, Grant demanded that I call someone to find out the score of his from his game, he got hurt on one of the opening plays. We got ahold of one of the dad's on the teamr...he gave us a wonderful update with a play by play and Grant was happy going into the reduction knewing his team pulled off an amazing win! Click on photo to enlarge!


Jennie said...

OUCH! Poor guy. I hope everything heals well and fast. I can't believe he didn't cry/scream!

Stephanie said...

Oh Laura!
The pain in his face tells a lot!
My ds wants to play football so I showed him this.

How about flag football????
Let's stick to baseball please!

Oh they scare me :)
Best wishes to Grant for a speedy recovery.
If you are willing to incorprate homeopathics with his meds to speed healing I suggest arnica for awhile to help pain, swelling and promote healing. I also believe Ruta Graveolis is for broken bones.

Stephanie said...

It's Ruta graveolens but it is for injuries to tendons and the periosteum (the covering of the bone)
Anyway Arnica will help him, use it daily for as long as needed. I used it for 6 weeks when I sprained my ankle, it was worse than a break. We use arnica all the time so just trying to help :)

One more thing:
Symphytum eases pain and speeds healing to broken bones.
Hope this helps a little and you don't mind me sharing.