Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike hits Ohio!
Living 12 hours from the closest beach, one with never think a hurricane would hit Ohio. Apparently weather conditions were just perfect and that ONCE IN A LIFETIME storm blow our way! With no power, there was nothing better to do than walk the neighborhood the day after Ike hit Loveland. All of the pictures of damage are from within a 1/2 mile of our house. The pictures of the kids are from the football games we were watching when Ike hit! Can you believe they played football in hurricane force winds??? And our dinner by candlelight of coldcuts was recorded, figuring it would be the ONLY night we ate that way....hahahaha...we didn't get power back for 4 days and meals by candlelight became the norm. After spending Sunday through Wednesday with no power, I decided I am not cut out for a pioneers life!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the people across the street and 2 houses up who had their car crushed by a huge tree, I intended to take a pic when we came back from our walk, but they cut it off when we were out walking (we were gone about 2 hours).

Click on the collage to bring it up full size.


Stephanie said...

Holy crap Laura!
I had no idea, I'm glad you are safe. Those trees are amazing!

Melissa said...

I was wondering how far north it went. Glad to know you guys are okay. My FIL's house, in eastern Oklahoma, was ruined. Insurance wouldn't have even covered it, so they sold it to someone for very little.


Dh does not look pleased by the candlelight dinner. Not a pioneer either? loL!

karla said...

Hey Laura, I am in Loveland too, I have some more pics on my blog of Ike damage. Geez still cleaning up limbs and sticks.

GregJrsMom said...

Wow Laura. That all looks quite familiar. But, no, I didn't realize Ike went that far inland.