Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day----AMAZING!

Today was our 6th annual FIELD DAY! Field day was the only thing my older kids missed about being in school, so I decided to attempt to recreate it for them!

Here are the details.....we had 75 kids show up and participate this year!

Where: Miami Riverview Park Loveland, OH
When: Friday, May 28, 2010. 10:30 AM
What to bring: Lunch, water bottles (can be refilled in restroom) and sunscreen, a bag of NON-CHOCOLATE and NUT FREE candy to be used for prizes at the end of the event, a stopwatch (if you happen to have one!). There are no vending machines in the park and fast food is a couple of miles away so be sure to pack something for your family to eat.
RSVP: Laura

Join us for a day of fun and games! Participants will be divided onto teams and compete in fun events like relay races and twisted t-ball.Please wear gym shoes as some games may involve running or jumping.Open to ALL ages! We created this day to replicate the field day my children enjoyed so much when they attended school (it was the ONLY thing they missed about being in school!)

ALL ages are invited, but some may be too young for some of the games.Any children that are too young to participate can take advantage of the wonderful playground and HUGE sandbox. Plenty of shaded areas to keep out of the sun. CLEAN restrooms with running

Directions: Take I-275 to exit #52 (Loveland/Indian Hill) and turn LEFT at the bottom of the exit ramp. Follow to the first road on the right (Hopewell) and turn RIGHT onto HOPEWELL. Follow about .3 mile to Branch Hill-Loveland Rd (you should see a small brown sign on the
right hand side of the road pointing to the park) and turn LEFT onto BRANCH HILL-LOVELAND RD. Follow about 1.5 miles to the park entrance on your RIGHT. MIAMI RIVERVIEW PARK. We will meet near the playground, most likely in the large shelter.

We started out by dividing the kids onto 3 different teams --one headed by Hannah and Emily (beavcoons), one headed by Chris and Jacob (the winners) and one headed by Grant and Gaige (dragons). We started the day with 4 events: skateboard race (where the kids sit on the skateboard and do a relay race), dizzy t-ball, soccer goal kick and the obstacle course (described below) . After each team completed each of those activities we had lunch. After lunch we did 3 more activities where the kids competed head to head: sack races, shoe relay (where everyone takes off their shoes, puts them in a pile,races to pick their shoes up and put them back on) and a tunnel relay (where they had to go under the legs of everyone from front to back and when the first person gets back to the front the race is over).

This year we made the event even BIGGER and BETTER by adding an OBSTACLE COURSE ! The kids LOVED it and it was hysterical to watch them race through the started with hula hoops (set up like tires, but I figured they would be much safer!), then a cardboard box tunnel, a balance beam, a ramp, hurdles and then weaving through cones! Not too bad of an obstacle course if I do say so myself!

The day ended with a water balloon toss.....thanks to so many amazing parents, we have TONS of balloons and the kids had a blast and enjoyed cooling off!

Winning team was HANNAH and EMILY'S BEAVCOON! Second place was THE WINNERS and last but not least was the DRAGONS!

The day pretty much went off without a hitch, it is so nice to see so many of the parents step forward and offer to help! I could never do it without them!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program- Feed Your Brain

Tuesday June 1st - Saturday July 31st
How kids 14 and under can participate:
1. Get a Feed Your Brain Reading Log at Half Price Books or at
2. Check off each day for five days that they read for 15 minutes or more.
3. Fill out a reading log, and have a parent or guardian sign it.
4. Bring the completed and signed log to Half Price Books.
5. Get a Feed Your Brain Reading Reward: $3 Shopping Card at Half Price Books.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 every week through Saturday, July 31, 2010.

Get all the details at

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Double Dog Dare--Borders Summer Reading Program

It's that time again! This year Borders is offering a free book to any child 12 years old or younger who reads 10 books over the course of the summer!

Check out the details:

Valid 5/4/2010 to 8/26/2010

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Someone tell me what happened to my sweet 2 year old? Seems he has been replaced by an ill-tempered, tantrum throwing, hitting, sassy, screaming, refusing to take a bath, 3 year old. I want my sweety back! It was like someone flipped a switch the day after he turned 3, this has been going on for 2 weeks now.

I am really trying to figure this one out and am at a complete loss. I don't remember any of the other kids ever acting this way. Of course when the other kids were 3, I would have been chasing a newly mobile infant around the house (since most of the kids are about 2 years apart), but I really think I would remember being smacked, spit at, screamed at and kicked. I just have no idea where he could possibly be getting this behavior from!

In addition to his odd behavior, he also has a new stunt....he refuses to wear a diaper...which would be FINE if he wanted to at least attempt to pee in the toilet (or heck, at this point, I would be happy if he was willing to pee on a tree!), but NOPE, he just wants to wear underwear and then go and change it when he pees in it. I think we are on our 5th pair of underwear already today. At least he keeps throwing the wet underwear (and shorts) in the diaper pail, guess I should be grateful for small things!

I hope this phase passes quickly!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mill Creek Water Study:

Below are the results I sent to the Mill Creek Restoration Project Unlike Keehner Park, where we did our fall study, this stream is in excellent condition (according to the data we collected), I will let you know if I hear differently.
Date: Wednesday April 28, 2010
Site: Union Center Blvd
Time: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Air Temperature: 63 degrees
Weather: Sunny no clouds
School: Homeschool Network of Greater Cincinnati
Fecal coliform:
We only have purple colonies (there can be purple, green and blue)
We have 19 purple colonies which indicates excellent
All of the quick coliform tests (from the younger kids kit) turned mt dew color/foamy yellow-green.
MacroInvertabrate Study:
Group A:
Water Penny Larva (a)--found 3
other snails (a)--found 1
Group B:
damselfly nymphs (a)--found 3
dragonfly nymphs (b)--found 11
sowbugs (a)--found 3
Group C:
aquatic worms (a)--found 2
The kids also found a frog and 2 salamanders which I know aren't on the sheet, but I know they are an indicator of water health. We also found tons of snail and salamander eggs.
Water Temperature:
Temperature (group 1): 12-12=0
Temperature (group 2): 14-12=2
Temperature (group 3): 10-10=0
Official average temperature change: less than 1 = excellent
Biochemical Dissolved Oxygen:
Three groups had a result of 0
Two groups had a result of 2
Overall BOD: less than 2 = excellent
Three groups had a result of 7
Two groups had a result of 8
Overall average is 7.4 = excellent
Total Phosphate:
All 5 groups got a result of 2 = good.... we had a hard time interpreting this result as it looked more yellow than pink....we went with 2, since it wasn't clear.
All 5 groups got a result of 0 = excellent
3 groups have 0
2 groups have 2.5
Average would be 1.0 =excellent

Here are the field trip details:
What: Mill Creek Restoration Water Quality Program
Where: Union Center Blvd Creek You park in the parking lot for the RAVE Theater near the second entrance to the shopping center (the sign says theater entrance). The stream is down under Union Center Blvd.
When: Wednesday April 28th 12:30 PM (please eat lunch beforehand)
Who: Homeschoolers ages 6-14
RSVP: Laura

Please come dressed for the weather (rain or shine--the program is held regardless of weather) and wear boots or water shoes as we will be getting into the water to do the macroinvertebrate study, water temperature and to pull water samples.

The water quality study is extremely hands on and includes macroinvertebrate collection, water sampling, and running tests on the water including nitrate levels, water turbidity, phosphate levels,
dissolved oxygen, ph levels, water temperature and fecal coliform bacteria testing. Each child will get to participate in running each of the tests, they will rotate in groups through stations where each
test will be conducted.

Mill Creek in southwest Ohio is one of the most severely polluted and physically degraded streams in the United States. In 1997, because of its multiple stressors and sources of pollution, the national river conservation group American Rivers designated Mill Creek as "the most endangered urban river in North America."

The stream flows 28 miles south from its headwaters in Butler County through the geographic heart of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati to its confluence with the Ohio River, just west of the
downtown riverfront. Its watershed covers southeast Butler County and approximately the central third of Hamilton County and encompasses all or parts of 37 political jurisdictions. Within the City of Cincinnati, over forty neighborhoods are located in the Mill Creek drainage basin.