Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Someone tell me what happened to my sweet 2 year old? Seems he has been replaced by an ill-tempered, tantrum throwing, hitting, sassy, screaming, refusing to take a bath, 3 year old. I want my sweety back! It was like someone flipped a switch the day after he turned 3, this has been going on for 2 weeks now.

I am really trying to figure this one out and am at a complete loss. I don't remember any of the other kids ever acting this way. Of course when the other kids were 3, I would have been chasing a newly mobile infant around the house (since most of the kids are about 2 years apart), but I really think I would remember being smacked, spit at, screamed at and kicked. I just have no idea where he could possibly be getting this behavior from!

In addition to his odd behavior, he also has a new stunt....he refuses to wear a diaper...which would be FINE if he wanted to at least attempt to pee in the toilet (or heck, at this point, I would be happy if he was willing to pee on a tree!), but NOPE, he just wants to wear underwear and then go and change it when he pees in it. I think we are on our 5th pair of underwear already today. At least he keeps throwing the wet underwear (and shorts) in the diaper pail, guess I should be grateful for small things!

I hope this phase passes quickly!

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Chris said...

My twins were similiar, too. The 2s were nothing compared to the 3s. They just turned four almost 2 months ago, and it still seems the same.

Also, someone told me if I'd just take the diapers off, they'd not like pee running down their legs and would want to use the toilet. Well, after cleaning pee 14 times and poo 3 times, I wasn't willing to try THAT another day.