Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Year of the TIGER!

February 14th marked the start of the year of the Tiger. Usually we go out to the local chinese buffet to celebrate chinese new year, but with the forecast of a severe winter storm hitting on Monday (yesterday), I thought it a better idea to pick up ingredients to make our own chinese feast for dinner last night...... sweet and sour chicken and fried rice! Here are our favorite tried and true recipes!

Fried rice recipe: http://blogchef.net/chinese-fried-rice-recipe/ (I triple this recipe)

Sweet and sour sauce recipe: http://chinesefood.about.com/od/sauces/r/sweetandsour.htm (I quadruple this recipe for my crew, since we like it not only on our chicken but also on our rice!)

I totally cheat and just buy frozen popcorn chicken to serve with this...and the sauce would also work well with pork! This is one meal that EVERYONE in the family will eat! I have a couple that prefer white rice (there is always plenty of white rice left over to use after we make the fried rice).

Here are some great sites with activities for kids:




Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering, if you didn't mind, if you could tell me a little about "unschooling." Have you taught high school aged kids? We are seriously considering going this route with our daughter next year, but I'm not sure I can handle starting out at a high school level. Thanks. Jody livesimplelivefree@gmail.com

momof7 said...

Hi Laura,

I am a mom to 7 kiddos ages 13,13,13,11,10,6&4. I got your blog over from Alex on the RU'ing site. I am loving the unschooling idea but I am still new and very worried! mostly about how they will learn it all w/out a curriculum or school. I am from Minnesota. I would love to chat sometime. Drop me an email at kerrymalecha@yahoo.com

SaRAW said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, but I have to say, "wow!" You guys really stay involved in a lot of things. That's awesome! My husband and I just had our first little boy in May, and are looking forward to unschooling. We are trying to "learn" as much as possible in the mean time. Thanks for the blog!