Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter p.s.

I completely forgot about this until a minute ago.

While we were waiting on my brother to show up at my mom's she asked about Brett going to highschool. When I commented that Brett had decided to stay home and continue going to the co-op for at least another year she replied "but he needs to go to school for socialization". I quickly began to enlighten her with just how much "socialization" the boy gets and she mentioned prom to which my wonderful eldest daughter commented "there is homeschool prom". I think my mom could tell that I was getting a bit defensive so she dropped the subject!

I do have to say it was a marked improvement though......when we started homeschooling she constantly questioned us about academics...now all she can think to question about it the darn prom......small steps, small steps...what progress we have made!


Valerie said...

LOL! "What About Prom?" Like Molly Ringwold's question to her preppie beau in "Pretty In Pink". I laugh because that was Matt's concern...what about prom.

Anonymous said...

My dad calls us about twice a week (he lives in TN), and he is always asking if I am going to ever put Logan (6 1/2) in school or not. I reply "probably not because he is learning so much just on his own". He hates us homeschooling! He's always asking if they are "doing their work". It's tough sometimes. Then again, when he heard about the bunch of teens getting into trouble at Milford for drugs, he is shocked, and I reply "Dad, that's one reason we homeschool!!" lol

Tisha :)

Anonymous said...

I find this hysterical, the prom???? I went to traditional public school, never went to a prom ever!!! My homeschooled kids will never know a prom , but I think they will survive!!! LOL


Laura said...

If Brett ever has a desire to go to prom, there are at least 2 homeschool proms he could attend. At least Jay is on board with the whole thing. Guess it really doesn't matter what my mother thinks!

Tisha....you would think the bust at Milford would make her HAPPY he isn't being exposed to that kind of "socialization".

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Anonymous said...

Help me Dude, I'm lost.

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