Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Genealogy project

Emily decided that she wanted to tackle the 4-H genealogy project this year. It is a fantastic project that you can continue to build on for up to 6 years. We had no idea where to begin, so I called my uncle (my dad's older brother) who had researched my surname back to its origins in England.

Emily and I went over to his house on Tuesday October 18 and he spent 2 1/2 hours showing us records and recommending books and websites. He told Emily she was welcome to copy anything she wanted and that she could borrow any of the books he had.

He pointed out some of the "interesting" things on one branch of her family tree. We are related to Abraham Lincoln, we are related to Camila Hanks (who rode with Butch Cassidy) and we also have Choctaw blood. Emily and I can't wait to dig deeper into everything.

We hope to trace my husband's family. We know very little of his heritage. Emily is going to draft a letter to her aunts and uncles to get what information they know and also she plans to go and interview her grandmother. We have already come up with the information sheet thanks to some samples my uncle gave us.

My uncle said his favorite free genealogy resource is .

We can't wait to see where this project leads us!


julie persons said...

that sounds like a wonderful project, we's like to do something like that once our kids are a little older...
:-) Julie

allison said...

Love this idea, love geneology...thanks for the thought!

Laura said...

Em decided to build on the genealogy project for our homeschool biography fair. She picked someone from our family tree to do her presentation on, Camilla Hanks, who rode with Butch Cassidy. Grant followed in her footsteps and chose Abraham Lincoln, also on the family tree!