Tuesday, January 09, 2007

4-H is a huge part of our lives and a great resource for homeschooling families!

http://www.ohio4h.org/ There are numerous existing clubs in the greater Cincinnati area composed mostly (or totally) of homeschooling families. Contact your local extension office for more information.

Clermont County: http://clermont.osu.edu/4h_youth_development or
Kate Gross Gross.227@osu.edu
1000 Locust St.P.O. Box 670Owensville, Ohio 45160Phone: (513) 732-7070

Hamilton County: http://hamilton.osu.edu/4-h.htm or
Keebler HolleyExtension Educatorholley.20@osu.edu
110 Boggs Lane, Suite 315Cincinnati, Ohio 45246-3145Phone: (513) 946-8989

Butler County: http://butler.osu.edu/
Warren County: http://butler.osu.edu/
Brown County: http://brown.osu.edu/

For info on 4-H in Kentucky: http://www.ca.uky.edu/agcollege/4h/

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