Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Riesenberg Clan 2008:

Here is our annual picture, YES, it is HARD to get 11 people to look presentable and LOOK anywhere TOWARDS the camera! I decided the year that Will was born (2004) that we would make sure the entire family was captured in the yearly photo, I used to only do the kids, but I figured that someday they might want to remember just what mom and dad looked like! And after 4 years of doing it, Jay finally doesn't complain about the appointment! No, we AREN'T Ohio State fans, it was just the easiest colors to find in every size!


Sandra Arowood said...

I love this Family pic and everyone looks so good!!

And you are right, Family pics are important, glad Jay doesnt complain anymore about having them done.


Stephanie said...

I agree.... I love this photo as well. I can't even imagine trying to get that many people ready for a picture.... I have trouble getting the 5 of us ready...LOL

Stephanie said...

Great picture!
I need to start doing this every year too, what a great idea, it is usually just the kids.
Happy New Year!