Thursday, June 11, 2009

HILARIOUS book about homeschooling

The book is called "Okay Kids, Time for Bedlam" and you can download it FREE at the following web page just click on the download book free link in the toolbar. It is a short book, just 69 pages, but it is so funny and I think just about ANY homeschoolers can relate to Debbie's tales from the trenches.

Someday, maybe, I will sit and write something....I can guarantee you that it would be equally hilarious, but probably not as "G" rated!

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Debbie H. said...

Hi Laura,

This is Debbie, the author of the book. Thanks for the link and I'm glad you had fun reading it!

I was wondering if you also noticed the blog project I'm doing on my blogspot blog? I would love to have you participate if you can, so can you email me and I'll give you more info? daharbeson (at) yahoo (dot) com.