Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hannah has a job!

Hannah had me take her up to Kings Island today to interview for a job during their Halloween event called HAUNT! I was a little apprehensive since the competition for jobs is pretty intense, but she did just fine and was hired to work on the scariest trail in the park as a psychotic cowgirl or so is our understanding, she goes for training in a few weeks to learn her "role". It is only a seasonal gig running from late September until Halloween, but it will look great on her resume!

I guess I am going to have to stop HATING that place, with its loud noises, concrete oasis and ridiculous prices....since it now serves as gainful employment for both my eldest son and daughter! And guess what America? They both managed to get themselves JOBS WITHOUT sitting in a classroom, using a curriculum or taking a proficiency test! They aren't sitting on my couch expecting me to wait on them hand and foot! Guess maybe this unschooling thing really can work!

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