Saturday, September 12, 2009

AMAZING PLACE: Heaven's Corner Zoo and Animal Sanctuary Tour

This is by far the most AMAZING zoo I have ever visited. Just an hour from Cincinnati in West Alexandria, Ohio this little known treasure is an absolute jewel. I can't believe the number of things I had never seen at another zoo or how close we could get to everything, but at the same time feel so very safe.

The kids had such a great time. I still can't believe I had never heard of the place before my brother mentioned it to me over the summer. It was so funny, the woman at the front desk/gift shop (I am thinking she is Kord's wife??) was going on and on about how thrilled they were that they had 5000 people through the zoo the WHOLE SUMMER....I am thinking.....the Cincinnati Zoo
would be PISSED if they didn't get that many people in one weekend and Heaven's Corner is so much cooler. They seriously need to do some more advertising or something. I can't believe he can keep the place open on such low
attendance, that in and of itself is amazing. Our guide mentioned that they need 900 lbs of chicken alone to maintain the animals for 2 weeks.

There are so many cool animals at the zoo, but I think that the white tiger is just AMAZING....I got quite a few good shots of him. The animal that cracked me up was the new Bengal tiger they had, he was totally STALKING Luke (the only toddler in the group) he would just pace and follow him and watch him, like he was picking out the "weakest" one in the group, figuring he would be an easy target, it was really quite hilarious! Luke was running back and forth in front of the cage and the tiger would just run back and forth with him. Of course Luke was blissfully unaware that he was being hunted by a wild beast that was a mere 3 feet away from him!

My kids all LOVED the capuchin monkeys, I think they would have brought one home with them if they could have gotten one out of their enclosure. Emily even managed to shake the hand of the one that had been trained as an assistant animal.

Scott was our guide and he was amazing, so full of INTERESTING stories, not the normal boring crap you get from other guides! You can tell he just loves his job and is passionate about animals and their conservation and welfare. The kids loved when he relayed that his close "call" with one of the animals when when a tiger peed all over him!

Luke also LOVED the one wallaby (the male) he kept petting him and trying to
hold hands with him.

Definitely worth the drive and price of admission....during regular hours, adults are $7, kids over 3 are $4 and parking is always free. Picnic tables out front encourage you to pack your lunch and spend the day. Small gift shop offers candy and softdrinks ($1) as well as animal themed merchandise!


What: Heaven's Corner Zoo and Animal Sanctuary Tour
When: Friday September 11 10:30 AM
Where: 385 Quinn Rd. West Alexandria, Ohio 45381 937-839-5005
Who: Homeschoolers of all ages. Keep in mind that diligence is
needed in watching small children during the behind the scenes tour!
Cost: $6 adults, $3 children 12 & under, 3 & under FREE
RSVP: Laura

My brother's friend Bill Cacciolfi (who trains animals for Jack Hanna) is friends with Kord, the owner of Heaven's Corner and has arranged a tour for us including a special behind the scenes tour. We will get closer to the animals and learn more about their care than the public does on a regular tour. Keep in mind these are wild animals and that diligence will be needed in watching toddlers and young children during the behind the scenes portion of the tour. All of the money raised through admissions and merchandise sales goes to support the animals.

Please pack a picnic lunch and plan to have a great time! They sell drinks, but you will want to pack food, of course you are welcome to pack drinks as well! Don't forget your camera!

NOTE: Please look for Preble Memory Garden Cemetery on US-35 to help find our sign. Quinn Rd. is located right after the cemetery.


Rana said...

Thanks for the info, my sister and her husband have been in Ohio just over a year in the Columbus area and we are always looking for places to go in and around the different cities. We will have to check this zoo out.

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this is jeff Broadnax from New York. Tell Jay I said Happy 45th.