Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

The whole gang... William on Brett's lap, Sophia on Hannah's lap, Cade, Jacob, Grant holding Luke and Emily

Sophia holding her nephew Noel! Can you believe he is almost a year old?

And below is Luke. Luke (3) busted his eyebrow area open yesterday evening. Cade (10)
was lifting a weight (10 lb) and was flexing with it and apparently brought it back into Luke's face...Jay got it to quit bleeding but it looked pretty nasty. I am sure they would have stitched it if we had gone to the ER, but I couldn't really justify the expense since we got it to stop bleeding. Luke quit crying pretty quickly and took a nap. Brett (19) was at work (he delivers pizzas on the weekends) and I asked him to run me home some antibiotic cream on his next deliver up this way (lucky for me it was about 45 minutes later) so I woke Luke up, I cleaned it really well and bandaged it up, it bled a little overnight, the cut looked better this morning, the eye looks worse (black, blue, swollen)...I put more cream on it again this afternoon and plan to again at bedtime. He won't keep a bandage on it anymore.

On a funny side note, this afternoon I had the camera out and said "Luke, look at mommy and show me your boo-boo" and Luke lifts up his shirt and shows me his chest and says "boob boobs"! Guess that is whatI get for calling my breasts "boobs" when he was nursing!

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Beautiful pictures of the family!
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