Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Will exposure to extreme conditions, representing a breech in the holding tanks on a space shuttle headed to Mars, have any impact on how the seeds go? Only time will tell!

Deanne sent the follwing info to our 4-H group:

4-H - Monday, April 4th
10:30am - till you choose to leave
4-H hall Owensville
Bring your containers and if you want your lunch

We are planning to do the Tomatosphere seeds on Monday, April 4th. Each CHILD will get 4 seeds. So each family needs to provide 2 containers per child or 1 bigger container that can be seperated into 2 sections. We are getting regular seeds and altered seeds which will come in packets marked with 2 different letters and so we have to keep them separated so we know which is which. Containers can be pie pans, plastic food containers, etc. with clear lids or Saran wrap. The seeds will be kept inside until they germinate. Majority voted to keep logs on the project through growth so that's what we'll be doing - about 9 weeks. I will bring everything else that we need for the project.

If you haven't already can you please save these links:
Each family will keep a log of their seeds: http://www.tomatosphere.org/teacher-resources/teachers-guide/principal-investigation/observations.cfm
At the end I need each family's results. You can do this as they suggest, by keeping a folder on the computer and sending the results to me through e-mail,
or you can give me paper and I'll get your results on the computer.
Teachers Guide the Experiment - http://www.tomatosphere.org/teacher-resources/teachers-guide/principal-investigation/experiment.cfm
Teacher Resources at the side bar - http://www.tomatosphere.org/teacher-resources/

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