Friday, August 03, 2007

~ Tour of The Cone ~
When:Friday August 3rd 11 AM
Where: 6855 Tylersville Rd.West Chester, OH 45069
Who: Homeschoolers of all ages Max: 25 including parents
Cost: $4.25 per person ( Includes the tour, lunch and a certificate redeemable at a future date for buy one get one free small cone or shave ice.)

Our tour is scheduled before regular hours so please try to be on time.

Lunch consists of a hot dog or chicken corn dog and chips served in a souvenir cardboard classic car, a kid's drink and a soft serve cone, shave ice or kiddie sundae. Parents can get this lunch or order from the menu.
We have to pay as a group so I ask that you please bring exact change!

Directions: Mapquest or call The Cone at (513) 779-7040

If you have any allergy questions you will need to contact The Cone for that information.

We will provide your group with a guided tour of our facility and show how we make different items and answer questions.

Honestly, this tour kind of sucked (honestly there isn't another word I can think of to describe this, unless I go with the one Grant used, lame!) , but the icecream and shaved ice was YUMMY and we got to meet some new homeschooling families. One family from KY had 3 boys around Grant and Jacob's ages and they play baseball and football, so the boys have something in common! We plan to invite them to the waterpark to hang out some afternoon, hopefully they will be able to make it!

The funniest thing was to see all the kids CRAMMED onto the merry-go of those little 3 seat ones, that costs a quarter to ride....

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