Saturday, August 18, 2007

Waiver from Compulsory Attendance:

Our letter arrived today, 9 days after I turned our notification in to the school district. We are official and in compliance with Ohio laws for the 2007-2008 school year! Not that I have ever had any problems with our notification, but I always worry until I get that letter back in hand!

There are days that I long to live in a state like Indiana that has NO LAWS governing homeschooling or in Kentucky where you just have to notify that you will be homeschooling, but don't have to jump through the notification with a brief outline of intended curriculum and a list of teaching materials and the testing or assessment hoops that you do here in Ohio. I just try to remember that things are far worse in other states and do my little song and dance each August to keep the kids off of the school bus and home with me!

The perfect gift to mark Luke's 4 month birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Laura and Luke --

I live in Apple Creek, OH and would really like to find a "relaxed" assessor such as the one you referred to in your blog. Can you help me to find someone like that, or can you even give me the name and location of the man who assesses your work each year?

Thanks!! Grace, mom to 9 in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Cheryl and I just startied homeschooling my 4 year old daughter 4 weeks ago. We are following some texts books and some of it is working great, some of it is tanking. I've noticed where we have the most success (REAL LEARNING) is in the books that actually relate to her life, whereas the number and letter learning books seem like they just frustrate her (and me along with her). I had heard of unschooling and have decided to investigate for myself. Would you be willing to post some resources, or even e-mail and help me in some way. I guess I just feel uncertain, like I won't be doing the right thing if we aren't doing something that mirrors preschool perfectly, and yet I feel in my heart this isn't right for her, that she needs something more, I don't know, organic I guess. I'm very interested in getting to know other moms (even if it's by email) that stay home and do this. My address is . Thanks.