Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Celebrating Chinese New Year

When: Wednesday, February 6, 2008 11 AM (If you can't make it at 11 AM, feel free to arrive later, we will be there until 1 PM). Chinese New Year begins Feb. 7th

Where: Chinatown Buffet 1015 U.S. State Rt. 28, Milford Ohio 45150

Who: ALL HOMESCHOOLERS (preschool to teens and anyone in between)

Cost: $5.79 for adults, cheaper for children 4-12, children under 3 free. (Check Valpac coupons-the ones in the blue envelop closer to the event as they often have coupons for Chinatown Buffet)

Join us at one of the largest buffets around to celebrate the Year of the Rat! The food is hot and wonderful! Large variety of choices! We plan to have lunch and do some crafts to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Please RSVP to Lauraso that we have enough supplies for all of the kids.

DirectionsTake I-275 to the Milford/ Rt. 28 exit (#57). If coming from points east, turn right onto Rt. 28/if coming from points west, turn left onto Rt. 28 (you will pass a Lowes on your right) the traffic light that would let you into Lowes, turn LEFT onto Rt. will pass a KMart, Ameristop,Swifty Gas Station...Chinatown Buffet is located across the street from the Ford Dealership. If you get to Gold Star you have gone too far!

What fun! 7 families got together and celebrated the upcoming year of the Rat! The kids made an ADORABLE rat craft (thanks to a cute idea I found online) and also a bookmark with their chinese zodiac sign and of course there were plenty of coloring pages. The boys gourged themselves on food and I believe a few eating contests and challenges took place at their table! The girls approached the buffet in a more refined fashion, but everyone was pleasantly full when we left. I absolutely LOVE the coconut shrimp!

Lunch conversation even drifted to politics, and amazingly it went well. There was even a consensus that this upcoming election looks like it may come down to the election of the lesser of two evils. One mom commmented the McCain reminded her of a character that would be played by Don Knots, now I can't watch the news and reports about McCain without laughing!

Luke was a handful....his menu is rather limited right now (as we are trying to figure out his food allergies), he hated how sticky the white rice was and wouldn't eat the jello, but he was quite happy crawling and cruising around from table to table visiting everyone. I am sure anyone that held him is still pulling that sticky white rice off their clothes!

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