Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Park program: Raptors
Where: Sharon Woods in Sharonville, Ohio
When: Wed. February 20th; 10-11am
Who: All ages
Cost: Free

Come join us as we learn about these magnificent birds! We will meet at the Sharon Center. If the weather is nice you are welcome to picnic and play following the program.

This was a well done program presented by Adam of the Hamilton County parks. Adam led a hike for us back in August and told us at that time that he was only a seasonal naturalist, so we were really surprised to see him. Lots of live birds, up close and personal! What was great was that we got to meet two new families. Lisa and her two son and Jennifer and her 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy). We all ended up going to lunch at Larosa's after the program because there was far too much snow on the ground to even consider staying at the park and hanging out.

Luke was a real handful at the program......completely mobile at this point it appears his hands have some kind of magnetic attraction to outlets, he can spot them a room away and get to them before my butt even gets off the chair! You would think a park district that hosts classes for kids would have outlet covers on their such luck! Luckily he hasn't figured out that he can put things INTO the outlets yet, then I am going to be in big trouble! How could something so cute get into so much trouble????

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