Sunday, November 30, 2008

First "Blue Hour" shoot

One of the members of the photo class I have been taking, Fredrick, always has these AWESOME pictures of what he calls the "blue hour", the 1/2 hour before sunrise and the 1/2 hour before sunset. On Saturday he invited the class to meet him downtown by the foot of the Roebling Bridge to photograph the blue hour. We arrived at 6 AM and set up, and for the next hour snapped pictures and watched the sky change. It really is an AMAZING sight to see the sky change the way it does. The only thing was that it was COLDER than all get out and I really wasn't dressed properly (even though I had on long underwear!) I hadn't thought much about my feet (I figured 2 pairs of socks were plenty, but apparently NOT with gymshoes!) and my fingers, despite my fleece gloves, were FROZEN! Of course Fredrick, who is from Sweden, laughed at us and said there is no such thing as "cold weather" rather there are "improperly dressed people", have to remember that for the future! I think I will enjoy the blue hour more come spring and summer.

So, here is the shot I liked the most (of the 143 I took), this is straight out of the camera, not photoshopped or cropped or brightened or anything!

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