Monday, November 03, 2008


No I am not referring to Luke, who at 18 months, has well mastered this task, I am talking about GRANT! We went to the orthopaedist and after 5 weeks of absolutely no weight bearing, he was given the OK to start walking on the leg. He chose a bright blue cast (Xavier colors!) and seems to be enjoying his new mobility. He is a little wobbly, but he is so much happier! He has lost all the muscle mass in his calf but hopefully by being able to walk now, he won't lose any more muscle mass in his thigh. He was so anxious, they told him he had to wait an hour after getting the cast on to put weight on the leg, you would have thought he was standing in Time Square on New Year's Eve waiting for the ball to drop the way he kept checking the time!

So now we spend 3 weeks in this walking cast and then we go to a lace up brace and get to start rehabbing the leg! Hopefully he will be back for the majority of the basketball season! You can tell that it is killing him to have to be sitting on the bench when the other boys are practicing. This past weekend he made Jay take him up to the park in the WHEELCHAIR so he could shoot some hoops. Countinued prayer that this heals well is much appreciated!

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Sandra Arowood said...

wow he did sure lost a lot of muscle mass, I even can tell. I'm glad he now has a cast where he can walk with. Love the blue by the way.
glad he is on the road to recovery and so hope that he will be fit for the new football season
Hugs, Sandra