Saturday, January 17, 2009

My crappy day Friday!

I would have SWORN yesterday had to be FRIDAY the 13th, given the CRAPPY day I had.....

It only hit -8 here (I believe that was the low) doesn't it figure that our FURNACE DIED the coldest night of the year (overnight Thurs into Fri)???? It got down to 44 degrees in the house on the first floor (I have no idea how cold it got in the basement, but my wet laundry in the dryer FROZE SOLID), luckily we got the repair guy out here yesterday afternoon and it was only a fuse.....but he isn't promising that it isn't a bad blower/motor (OK can you tell I know NOTHING about furnaces) but so far so good, the heat has been back on for 24 hours!

OH, so why was there WET LAUNDRY in the DRYER??? Guess, I forget to mention the dryer we just paid $150 to fix the Monday after Thanksgiving ISN'T DRYING CLOTHES??? It is doing the same FRICKIN thing it did then, it runs, but there is no heat...of course the ass that repaired it (and guarenteed it for 1 year) won't return our phonecalls! Kind of hard to have clean clothes with NO DRYER in the middle of the "arctic" weather we are having of late!

To top off yesterday.....after the girls BEGGED and BEGGED, I agreed to let them go skiing with a friend of theirs--Elaine (the friend is an adult and she was taking her kids) I caved partly because she offered to pay for them and I knew they wouldn't have another chance to go for"free", we certainly don't have extra money for skiing right now! I had SWORN years ago, after Hannah fell and messed up her face really bad, to NEVER let them ski again, especially during competition dance season, but I agreed they could go, I really am losing my mind! So around 12:30 PM yesterday while I am out running around with the other kids (to keep them warm since the heat here wasn't working at that point!) the phone rings....comes into my cellphone as "unavailable" so I almost didn't answer it, but I did, and guess who it is???? the FLIPPIN' SKI PATROL.....Hannah has torn up her knee and they want to transport her to a local hospital. As I listen to the ski patrol, I decide I don't want to take their word for what is going on (figuring they want to cover their own asses!), I ask to talk to Elaine. After our conversation (when I basically ask, if it was your kid would you transport her and she replies "No") we agree to ice it and wait it out and have her just bring Hannah home when everyone else is done skiing, after all it is horribly swollen and I suspect the ER will just say "we can't do anything until the swelling goes down" so why waste the money on an ER/ambulance run?? OK, yes, I am a frugal cheap ass when it comes to medical stuff, plus I HATE waiting in emergency rooms. So Elaine pumps her full of ibuprofen and ices the knee the rest of the time they are there. It looks like SHIT, she can't move it at all today after sleeping on it, and despite my desire for it not to be the case, I think she really has messed it up, but am going to wait until Monday to see and then call the doctor.

The icing on the cake (not that it happened yesterday but to add to my frustration) is that we only have one running vehicle, making it hell to get anyone to anything they need to be at because there are always conflicts in the schedule! Plus the one that runs, is getting about 9 to 11 miles to the gallon right now, so it costs so much money just to run to the dance studio or even to the grocery store. It sucks when you don't have the money anyway to be counting quarters to put gas in the tank of a gas guzzler! Today the schedule was overly hectic...a 9 AM 4-H advisors meeting, the girls had to be at dance at 10:30 AM, Grant had a basketball game at 11 AM, Jacob had a game 25 minutes away at 12 PM, Cade had a game at 2 PM...nothing like spending the day in the car. Brett and Grant had to walk to Grant's game since I was out with the van!

I FRICKING thought 2009 would be a better year than 2008....Yeah, right....I am convinced I am just the running punch line in every one of God's jokes.

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Sandra Arowood said...

WOW froze solid... cant believe it. And our weather right now is freaking cold for me.

So sorry you have such bad luck and money is so tight right now.

Hope you get your dryer fixed, i would take that dude to small claims court, really. Hope everything else will work out and I hope Hannah's knee can heal on his own without going to the ER or even need an operation on it. Hope she is done with skiing for LONG time.

Hugs and Kisses and it will get better.