Sunday, January 25, 2009

The turnout was absolutely AMAZING at our photo show opening last night! You couldn't even see across the coffee shop, it was that crowded. Since I had made the intial contact with the coffee shop and set everything up, I had been a bit apprehensive that it might just end up being the eight of us from the class and our teacher at the show. I was pleasantly surprised (as was the coffee shop, it was their busiest day EVER!)! I had a great time as did everyone in the class. As a group we sold three pieces, I have someone interested in buying one of mine as well, we will see if it comes through or not!

Our first show...hopefully the first of MANY!
Here is the text from the poster we displayed at the doorway.....

Eight random individuals of various backgrounds and life stages come together every Thursday night with a common purpose… to share their love of photography.

On their journey, they conquer the elements and make time stand still. They understand that taking the perfect picture is not for the timid and doesn’t happen by chance.

Tonight they invite you to take an eclectic journey through the help of their steady hands, keen eyes, and relentless persistence.

What once was referred to as eight random strangers now stands before you as … The Thursday Night Photographers : Nancy, Fredrik, Shelby, Debbie, Tana, Laura, Janet, and Wally

Please proceed to the exhibit and freely ask them about their grand adventures.

Tonight’s Exhibit: Eclectography

A special thanks to Steve Floro for his inspiration and dedication to the art of photography.

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