Monday, March 30, 2009

Great FREE fieldtrip to the Apple Computer Store!

We had the pleasure of taking part in an absolutely AWESOME FREE workshop offered at our local Apple Computer Store today. Our coordinator was Brian M and he was wonderful working with the kids and keeping everyone inspired and on task. We learned how to make iMovies and my kids (Hannah, Emily, Grant, Jacob and Cade) are now addicted. I can see an iMac in our future, hopefully we can work one into the budget before our current desktop completely gives up the ghost. Brian mentioned to the kids that he could also do a music workshop with them sometime in the future, they can't wait for me to schedule it. On top of the great fun of the workshop, the kids all left with free t-shirts and a dvd copy of the video they produced. It was amazing how quickly they all caught on, especially given that none of them had any iMac/Apple computer experience before today.
A few pictures:

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