Friday, April 24, 2009

My friend Deanne, her son Chris and three of my boys Jacob, Cade and Grant were heading to a fieldtrip when the minivan they were in was blindsided by a car that ran a redlight, going about 45 MPH......everyone appears to be OK, a little bruised up but OK..... when I went to the accident scene the cop thought I was nuts when he asked me if I was OK and I responded "YES, I am FINE, I am picking them UP from an accident"....I don't think he understood that in my mind, being able to pick them up beat any alternative.....they could have been seriously injured or killed. The woman (I am using this lightly, I am not having very pleasant thoughts about this woman right now) driving the other car didn't even apply her brakes...there wasn't a skidmark or anything in the road and her car went STRAIGHT into the side of the minivan......the van was hit dead on the passenger side, right on the front passenger door and at the beginning of the sliding door, Cade (my 9 year old) was in the seat by the door that was hit.

So if you all could send healing thoughts to Deanne, Chris, Jacob, Cade and Grant I would appreciate it. And pray that this all works out without too much hassle, as the "woman" is saying she didn't run a red light, unfortunately NONE of the witnesses to the accident even bothered to pull over and of course it is about the only intersection without one of those stupid traffic camera. Add a prayer that any witness might decide to call the police and say what happened. Both Grant (my 13 year old) and her son Chris, saw the car coming at them, so he seems a bit more shaken up than the other boys!

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