Friday, May 08, 2009

Nineteen Years Ago Today.....

It is hard to believe that today my oldest son is 18 1/2 years old. Nineteen years ago to today I found out that I was going to be a mother. Exactly 6 months later, he came into the world, way ahead of schedule, fighting for his life. Harder to believe is that my "baby" will soon be having a baby of his own. It isn't the path I would have chosen for him, to be a teen father, but as with so many of the paths in his life, there was no choice on my part. I wouldn't have chosen for him to be a preemie, for him to develop hydrocephalus, for him to have to endure numerous hospitalizations, seizures and brain surgeries, but I know he will travel this path well. He will be a wonderful father, as he has been lead by his wonderful father, and in my opinion nothing beats having a shining example to follow! Sarah will be a wonderful mother, she will turn 21 in August, the same age I was when I gave birth to Brett and a year older than her mother was when she gave birth to her. I always knew I would be a young grandmother, simply because I had given birth young, but I never thought it would be before my 40th birthday! I never thought that it would be possible to love a child that I hadn't given birth to the way I love my own children, but I have found that I definitely can! I have fallen hard for this baby.

And before you begin to think that this news is something that was just recently imparted upon us, let me set the record straight. The day Brett found out Sarah was pregnant he came and told us immediately. That would have been the day after Thanksgiving! I suspected that something might be up from a few things he had said in the few days prior to it, so maybe that softened the news! He didn't try to hide it or make excuses. He came to the adults in his life and explained the situation and enlisted their support. I would have NEVER done the same thing in his situation, heck to this day I wouldn't enlist my mother's help for anything, well at least not for anything life altering. I credit the strong relationship he has with his family and the fact that he knows we love him unconditionally with him coming to us first. Yes, he knew we wouldn't be happy, but he also knew that we would support and help him on this new path. It probably took Jay the longest to adjust, but he has! It probably took him a week to be able to talk to Brett, and I think that hurt Brett the most, knowing that his father was disappointed in him. Brett told me he was surprised, he thought I would take it harder than Jay did, I guess that was meant to be a I just decided that today was the day that I would share this with everyone as I mused on my 19 years of motherhood!

So the is due August 3rd according to Sarah's calculations and July 27th according that little magic wheel. So sometime around the middle of this summer my grandchild will make his or her appearance and will be born into 2 families that are eagerly waiting! What more could you ask for a child?
I would have never thought 19 years I experienced my "first" mother's day as an expectant mom what the next 19 years would bring....who would have been about to anticipate the love, joy, laughter and pain? Nine kids? Child led weaning? Family bed? No vaccinations? Homeschooling? If you had told me that then, I would have laughed at you! It has been an amazing journey......I can't wait to see what the next 19 years have to bring!


vmalott said...

Please congratulate both Sarah and Brett for us. It won't be easy (when is it ever???), but they both have wonderful, supportive, loving families. And, what a lucky baby to have so many doting aunts and uncles! We'll be praying for a continued healthy pregnancy and birth.

Stephanie said...

Congrats to everyone!! This is so exciting..... what a lucky baby to be born into such a loving family as yours!!