Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spring has definitely SPRUNG here, we are at the baseball fields just about anytime it isn't raining. I love baseball season, being in the sun, the company, the excitement of the game. Grant (13) played last night and the game was a real nail biter....we were winning 2-0 in the top of the 7th (we play 7 inning games) and the other team scored 4 runs, so when we got up to bat, we were trailing 4-2.......the boys managed to rally and come back, winning 5-4.....our team went undefeated last season, and it was funny to watch the crowd gather last night as news spread around the park that we were losing a game! Tonight, if the rain stops and the fields are playable, Cade (9) has a game! And if it doesn't rain tomorrow, another game for Cade...a makeup for one of the many rainouts already this season!

Dance season is winding down. Our final competition of the season is this weekend, we will be at the competition, Friday night, all day Saturday (literally from 6 AM to midnight) and Sunday from 7 AM to 11:30 PM.....I love watching the kids dance, but I am not looking forward to the schedule! The girls are trying to decide what the want to do next year, so there is a POSSIBILITY that they may not be competing next year....Emily is looking into taking more classic ballet training and Hannah is just fed up with the hypocrisy at our current studio. It is funny to watch them navigate this new path... approaching new studios and instructors and watching the reaction when they realize that it isn't ME they (new studios) have to impress, it is my daughters...I don't think most people are comfortable with children making decisions, they tend to look to the adult/parent. I like to witness their reaction when they realize that the decision is firmly in the hands of my children.

I love being able to get outside again. We had a blast hanging out at the park this past Monday...Luke just LOVES playing on the playground equipment now, it is so cute to watch him run around with excitement and explore everything! We typically tend to hang out in the Loveland/Milford area but when we were heading home, the boys told me that they are wanting to explore some different parks. They film their own videos called DKK (Dumbest Kids You Know) for youtube (along with their friend Chris and any stray kids they can rope into participating!) and Grant informed me that they had "worn out" that park! Wonder if it was the park or the cop that "visited" with them while they were filming their stupid stunts?

I am going to try to get better about updating things here....I feel so bad when I don't add anything for days or weeks at a time...I think about BLOGGING all the time, I just don't get around to it!

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