Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am thankful for.....

A--Almighty God....because without Him, I am nothing
D-- dark chocolate
F--Faith and Food--there have been times in my life when both have been thin, but this year I am covered with an abundance of both!
I-- internet--how did I ever live without it?
K--Kindness of friends and even strangers
M--My mother--yes, she may be a huge pain in my ass some days, but without her, well, there would be no ME!
N--Noel David--what a blessing my first grandchild is
O-- My ONE and ONLY--Jay!
P--Photography and my photog pals
Q--quiet moments--few and far between
R-- River Hills and the fellowship we have found there
T--Thriving Moms
U--Unlimited access to knowledge
V-- Virgin birth, thank you God for our Savior!
W--water....clean and clear to drink, bath, do laundry with
X-- Xavier, go MUSKIES!
Y-- You.....Friends and Followers of my blog
Z-- Zachery, Zoe, Zara, Zane, Zaren, Zavier, Zevin, Zander and Zaid...have to love the z middle named!

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