Monday, November 23, 2009

Roundbottom Recycling:

One of the 4-H families arranged for us (the 4-H group) to have a tour of the Round Bottom Recycling facility in Milford on Nov. 23rd at 10:30 a.m. The website is The address for Round Bottom Recycling is 5100 River Valley Rd., Milford, Ohio 45150 Bring any scrap metal that you'd like to sell - they pay cash!
Directions: Drive as you would as if you were going to the fairgrounds. Once on Rt. 50, go 2 miles to Round Bottom Rd (there is a UDF on this corner as well as a traffic light) and turn RIGHT onto Round Bottom Rd. Go 1 mile and turn RIGHT onto River Valley Rd.

I love Will's expression in this picture! He really did enjoy the tour, I think he just wanted to get to the park to play!

The tour was very interesting and everyone seemed to learn a lot. We even learned that we could recycle the shower doors we just removed from the upstairs bathroom! Following the tour we went to Veteran's Park and played and had a short meeting. I love how creative the 4-H families have been with coming up ideas for outings for our club. In January we will be touring a fire station located within a water tower right here in Clermont County.

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Thank you for mentioning RoundBottom Recycling on your website.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

Look forward to seeing you back soon.