Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010 9:43 AM, EST

Literally minutes after I posted the update yesterday the following happened.....Because life is never dull here...

Sophia (8 year old): "Mom, Tori just sneezed and something is coming out of her nose"

Me: "it is just snot, you can wipe it with a diaper"

Sophia: "it isn't snot, it looks like a clear wire"

She brings Tori to me....EGADS...her freakin' stint is sticking OUT of her nose! Of course it is now AFTER HOURS so I have to call the answering service for the Cincinnati Eye Institute and try to explain to the woman who is answering the phone that 1) "yes, Dr. Kulwin is an eye institute doctor", 2) "yes, my 2 month old sees a plastic surgeon" and 3) explain and spell twice for her nasolacrimal reconstruction. Finally she figures out that she can't transfer me to the doctor on call because Dr. Kulwin returns his own patients calls (how amazing is that?) and says she will page Dr. Kulwin. All I am imagining is turning around and driving back to Chrildren's after just getting home! Literally he calls back 3 minutes later. He tells me that I can take a q-tip and gently push the stint back into the nose and that it should stay. Of course it didn't. Every time she sneezed it popped back out. Hopefully it will stay in after a good night's sleep! If not, I will be back on the phone and probably heading to see the doctor sometime today!

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