Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010 5:02 PM, EST

Just got back from Children's! Tori's appointment went well. She weighs 9 lb 15.79 oz (OK, let's just call it 10 lb), measured 21.5 ", has a 15" head and the doctor was thrilled with everything about her. I was apprehensive about telling them that she wasn't taking the multivitamin or the sodium chloride and that we had transitioned to nursing full time. He was fine with everything! I am amazed. She goes for her follow-up with him again in early Feb.

She has a follow-up with her surgeon next week!

On another note, I walked out of my OB appointment today. I was supposed to be going back for a 10 week post surgery follow up and had told them that I needed to be at Children's by 1:30 PM, they assured me that the 12:30 appointment, the first one after lunch, would be PERFECT......well at 1:20 PM, after NOT SEEING THE DOCTOR, I walked out of the office so that I could get her to her appointment. I was so pissed off.....wasted over an hour of my time for NOTHING.

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