Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stint Removal--3-4-2011

Tori had the stints and hardware placed during her nasolacrimal reconstruction back in November removed Friday March 4th! We are now hardware free and hopefully have experienced our last surgery for her at Children's Hospital!

The surgery was scheduled for 1:30 PM and got bumped back all the way until almost 4 PM. She was miserable and couldn't understand why mommy was holding her and wouldn't let her eat....after all those beautiful boobs were right in sight and leaking that sweet smelling milk EVERYWHERE! She was so excited after her surgery when we walked into the recovery room and she was able to nurse! The surgery itself took less than 20 minutes and much to the doctor's surprise, one of the stints had fallen out of her right nostril. We have NO IDEA where it went, but it was gone!

Her poor little foot is all bruised up because the IV catheter got all bent up (it looked like a lightening bolt instead of a straight line).

We hated spending the night at the hospital, but we survived and ask for prayers that last Friday night be the last time that we are every guests of Children's Hospital!

Tori starts physical therapy on Monday April 4th. We have already seen huge improvements in her using her left side (note in the picture she is turned to the left and sucking her left thumb!) since we started doing her exercises. Hopefully when we go for our first visit they will decide that she doesn't need therapy!

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