Sunday, June 13, 2004

Baby Shower.....

Things went really well at the shower. I was feeling pretty lousy (I have a stupid UTI that seems to be getting worse instead of better) but the great company and joy that the girls took in orchastrating everything made it a wonderful day. We brought home a decent einstein crib mobile, a tummy time mirror (can stand on the floor or hang from crib), baby bath gift set (towel, washcloth, handpuppet, tub toy), a couple neutral outfits, an adorable baby security blanket (it is silky on one side, flannel on the other and has a silky trim), ABC links (by Sassy), tons of rattles/toys/stuffed animals (Sassy and Baby Einstein mostly),board books, bibs, baby lotion/baby bath, picture frames, plus $55 in Target Gift Cards. We also got a fisher price baby papasan, fisher price jumparoo that were shipped to the house last week by people who couldn't make the shower. The shower hostess (Kas) has ordered a gift and it hasn't arrived yet, so we still have some surprises in store (along with gifts coming from a couple people who told us they couldn't attend but would be dropping by gifts this week). I was a bit disappointed that 2 of my friends I talked with yesterday who said they were coming didn't show up, but I can't let it overshadow the great time we had!

By far my favorite item is the Baby Einstein Crib is a mobile from birth to 5 months and then the "animals" detach and are finger puppets (representing the rabbit, bear, alligator and turtle from the videos) and the music unit becomes a small crib activity center. It also has a cool remote so you can turn it on without having to walk over to the crib. The hardest thing has been keeping Sophie from taking the "finger puppets". I was also pretty thrilled with the baby papasan and the jumparoo...nice to have some "new" gadgets for our new bundle of joy!

The funniest thing at the party was watching the girls play "pin the baby in the belly" was absolutely hilarious....the girls made the game themselves, drawing a pregnant silhouette (I hope I wasn't the model, the silhouette had the FATTEST BUTT) and also a bunch of fetus (complete with umbilical cord)...I hope the picture that Kas took of them playing the game turned out good!

Great food, great friends and great fun...what more could I ask for?

We didn't take any pics of me at the party, so Hannah snapped a picture of me once we got home....I look HUGE (plus FLUSHED from the darn Procardia to keep these contractions at bay).....We snapped 1 picture at the shower with my regular camera (of all of the "girls") .

It is late...I think I will head to bed!

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