Thursday, June 17, 2004

The pond is brimming with life. ALmost 2 years ago we installed a small landscape pond in the front flower bed. The first year we managed to keep some fish in the pond, but the fish didn't survive the early freeze. Last year there was nothing in the pond, the filter quit working and we pretty much gave up. That was until we took a trip to a local park the last week in May and the kids spied some tadpoles in the pond. They asked to bring a few home and I agreed. They dumped them in the pond when we got home and the tadpoles immediately went to the bottom, I figured never to be seen again. A few weeks later at a baseball game, the found more tadpoles in a puddle of standing water and again asked to bring some home, I figured "what the heck" since the puddle they were in would probably dry up before they had legs. Of course all the other mothers at the ballfield thought I was nuts for even letting them dig in the mud puddle, but what do I care? So into the pond more tadpoles go. Then this past weekend our friends offered us some fish, we took two home with us and dropped them into the pond as it seems that the kids are really drawn to looking in the pond, they even took some lawn chairs out next to the pond and spend time sitting out there, just looking at what is going on, I am sure our neighbors LOVE seeing the lawnchairs in the yard, but again, I really don't care what they think....amazingly, the tadpoles have sprouted legs and now spend time sunning themselves on a log floating in the pond...the fish come swimming to the surface anytime the see people, as they think they are going to be fed. It is neat to see the kids take such interest in what is going on in the pond and to listen to them describe what it is they see. We are pretty sure we have 2 different types of tadpoles/frogs and possibly a third. It should be interesting to watch the evolution of our little pond.


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