Thursday, June 03, 2004 now you may have all figured out that my family is a bit different.....included in the things that make us different would be our choices in television viewing. What many might consider to mature for a young audience, I have no problem with while there are many a cartoon or show on Nick or Cartoon Network that I won't allow my children to watch. A good example might be that all of the children have seen the entire "Silence of the Lambs" triology and most can quote lines from any of the 3 movies. The first names thrown out for their newest sibling included Hannibal and Clareese. So our current tv passion is probably quite tame in comparison.

For the last 2 days we have been watching the national spelling bee on ESPN2. It is so embarassing, I graudated in the top 5% of my high school class, always got A's without trying and I haven't even HEARD of most of the words they ask these kids to spell and these kids are between 10 and 14. Even when the announcer pronounces the word numerous times I can barely say most of them,let alone spell them and I have never I ever used them in a conversation.

The older 4 kids are cracking me up...they keep trying to use the words in "conversation"....if anyone was easedropping today they might actually think we are "educated" people well that or we are totally ignorant if they actually know what the words mean!

During the lunch break for the spelling bee today they switched to coverage of the Math Challenge. I have always loved math and considered myself quite good at it, but I could barely finish reading the question when one of those twerpy kids were chiming in with the answer.

Maybe I should just go turn Nick back on!

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