Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Today we had a girlscout meeting at Sarah's house. Kas and her girls made it and it was WONDERFUL to see them again! I can't believe that it has been a MONTH since we saw them last!

The girls all painted christmas tree ornaments and socialized! It seemed like they all had tons of "talking" to get out of their system. It is nice that they are able to get together with the same group of girls a couple of times a month!

Rita, another mom of a girl in the troop, was wonderful. She saw that Sophie had a snotty nose and cough and went out and got her a homeopathic remedy to help with it. It was amazing to see how quickly it started to work and how much better Sophie looked after taking it!

Of course by the end of the meeting Tabby and Emily and Mandy and Hannah were scheming to spend the night together. We decided to wait until Thursday night, the girls can't wait! I am hoping Jay is around so I can go and hang out with Kas for a couple of hours....too bad I am too big for sleepovers!

Sarah's house is just beautiful...not in the sense that it is some HUGE HOUSE, but that the things in it are well chosen and make one feel comfortable. Her husband is an artist and a lot of his pieces decorate their home. They also have some other gorgeous pieces sitting around. I made the comment that Sarah's home is an extension of her, a reflection of who she is, warm and comfortable. Kas looked at me at said "so is my house a reflection of me?" I busted out laughing and said "Yes, cluttered, eclectic and interesting, and there is never a dull moment!". I have to wonder how well my house reflects who I am!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if your daughter's girl scout troop is a homeschooled one? We've been in a homeschooled g.s. troop for 2 years now. We have 32 girls age 4 up to 14.

Sounds like you had a relaxing time and the girls had fun!
Kim C.


Laura said...

Yes, it is a homeschooled troop. Most of the girls are actually unschoolers even, I couldn't be happier.

Our troop is pretty small....only 11 girls, ages 6 to 16 and two tag-a-long little sisters (Sophie and Shelby age 2). We meet a couple of Tuesday mornings a month. We love meeting during the day, there are so many opportunities available to us!