Thursday, January 12, 2006

Architecture By Children

The kids are somewhat excited about an architecture program I signed them up to participate in. Each child (or team) is responsible for coming up with a design for a museum. Today we met with our architech for the first time and he spent a lot of time going over the ins and outs of the projects. In November we went on a behind the scenes tour of a local museum (the tour really sucked!) also as part of the program. I was surprised at today's meeting how many families with younger kids had signed up to participate and how few teens were doing projects!

Emily is leaning towards a dance or pet museum. Hannah hasn't decided yet (she and Em may work together). The boys are all thinking sports or video games and I am hoping Brett will be inspired to follow through on a forensics museum (we even have a "catchy" design in mind). The projects have to be finished by April, which means they have to start working on them pretty soon (of course we have the geography fair coming up beforehand!). I love to sneak all this learning in with engaging fun projects!

Now if we can just figure out how to make our model out of toilet paper tubes, cereal boxes and foam board we will be SET!

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