Saturday, January 14, 2006

Santa Baby!
Here are some of William's 18 month photo shoot. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted any of his pictures!

It is so hard to believe that it has been a year and a half since this wonderful little man entered out world.

Will RUN and CLIMBS like a pro. He amazes me constantly with his speed and fearlessness!

Although he will drink from a juice cup, he

prefers to nurse. He feeds himself with a fork and spoon. His favorite foods are grapes, yogurt and "candy"!

We are still really stuggling with his allergies. Red food dye really seems to make him react the most behaviorally, but his skin and digestive track seem more sensitive to apples, tomatoes and citrus. The poor guy's little bottom gets red and blistered if someone makes a mistake (or misjudges ingredients). I am so grateful though that he isn't in daycare so I don't have to constantly deal with

worrying about if someone else will forget and feed him something that will set him off!

Will has an impressive vocabulary. He can say all his siblings names, words for most foods and even says some sentences. His favorite sentence is "Mom boob boob now". Have to love a little man who knows what he wants!
He still LOVES to be carried, and luckily he isn't too heavy (most 18 months old we meet are far bigger than he is). Most of the time I can't say I mind it, it is nice to still have a "baby" to cuddle and snuggle with!


Leslie said...

What a cutie pie! You had me rollin' with 'mom boob boob now'! HAAAAA!

Anonymous said...

First just let me say: I LOVE your blog site!!! I have 7 little blessings.
Anyway - couldn't help but comment on the allergy thing. We have had all kinds of allergies in our family and are elliminating them one by one! Find a doctor who practices NAET - a real good one who uses a biophoton mat - and be rid of them forever!

Laura said...

OK, dare I ask you to expant on what NAET is? I am willing to try anything to make my little man's life easier!