Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Our Week...in brief!

On one of the list I am on, one of the mom's posted sacrastically about summer relaxation, so I posted the following as a reply!

Relaxation...what is that? A brief glimpse at our week.....

This week Sophie, Cade and Jacob have swimming lessons every morning from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. Can you believe I have to be UP and OUT THE DOOR by 7:50 AM??????

Yesterday they had their lessons and then we hung out and swam until 1 PM. Then Grant went home with his friend Chris to work on a 4-H project. He got home at 4 PM and we headed to the ballfields....Grant's usually sharp game looked like crap (although we beat the only undefeated team in our league) so no more swimming on game days for him!

Today it was swimming lessons , a brief hour at home (hence this post) and then I will be heading out to take Brett to cut my dad's grass, pick up my dad from dialysis and then take him to radiation. Then back home and back up to the ballfields for t-ball practice for Cade. The girls (Hannah and Em) have dance from 2 PM to 9 PM, but luckily they are getting rides both ways. Fortunately Emily's girlscout meeting for this morning was cancelled, so it was one less thing to worry about! Oh, I will have to somehow figure out how to make time to go to the grocery, there is NOTHING in this house to eat, and for some reason these children of mine think I am supposed to feed them.

Tomorow is swimming lessons then off to the local theater for their free kids flick (10 AM). Think we might go and swim for a bit after that since we pass the waterpark on our way back home. Hannah is babysitting all day and Emily is assisting at the dance studio from 10 AM to 2 PM. Jacob has a baseball game (doubt swimming will affect his game at all, he isn't the player his brother is!) and Grant has practice tomorrow night, luckily both at the same ballpark.

Thursday will be similiar to today....swimming lessons which I will have to leave 1/2 way through to drive carpool for dance (Em dances 10 AM to 4 PM on Thurs) then back to the waterpark to get Brett and the little ones. From there I will head over to get my dad from dialysis and take him to radiation treatments, hopefully they are running on time because I have to be back at the dance studio at 3 PM for Sophie's FIRST COMPETITION TEAM rehearsal! Hannah is babysitting until 3 PM, but luckily the lady she babysits for will drop her off at the studio in time for her 4 PM class. As soon as Sophie is finished with her class, we will run home to get the boys to head out the Grant's baseball game and Cade's teeball practice.

Friday will be swimming lessons and then off to a local park to meet with our homeschooling for a day of fun. Brett is probably going to play golf while the rest of us play on the playground. I have to be home by 4:30 PM because Jay is taking the boys to the Cincinnati Reds Game and it takes about an hour to get into town and park and they like to get there for batting practice (best chance to catch foul/homerun balls)...they open the gates about 2 hours before game time.

Saturday.....Jacob has a game at 10 AM, Grant a game at 1 PM, and Cade a game at 4 PM. Haven't really looked at the schedule yet to see if they are all playing at the same ballpark or not...if they are, we may have time to grab lunch between the 1 PM and 4 PM games!

Sunday is Father's Day....church, brunch, a 1 PM tee time for Jay and Brett (ssshhhhh, it is supposed to be a surprise!)...I will probably take the kids over to see my dad while Jay is playing golf. No idea what I am going to buy Jay!

Since I almost always have Will and Sophie in tow I barely get to sit down...luckily they are both pretty good kids (especially when I look around and see what other kids their ages are doing!).

Did I mention that we only have one car right now? We haven't had the $$ to get Jay's car fixed, so it is adding to the excitement of it all!

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