Monday, June 12, 2006

Swimming Lessons

As one of the perks of our Beach Waterpark ( season passes, you can sign up for swimming lessons for $25 per child for the first session and $20 a child for each additional session. I thought it would probably be a good idea to sign Jacob, Cade and Sophie up for lessons since none of them had ever had formal lessons and I wanted to add to their degree of confidence in water situations. Today was the first swimming lessons.

Dispite the large turnout for lessons, the student-teacher ratio was AMAZING...4 or 5 swimmers to each lifeguard. The thing I found so ironic was that when they called the kids to go to their instructors, the other 3 kids in Cade and Sophie's group SCREAMED and CLUNG to their mothers (I saw this repeated by just about every other child in the level 2 class). Later I commented to friend Deanne and her daughter Sarah that it was ironic to me that my "poor, unsocialized homeschooled children" where the only ones behaving properly. Sarah remarked that since they weren't SCREAMING they must not be reacting properly....SILLY, SILLY ME! I thought it had more to do with a trust we had developed that they realize I wouldn't put them in a situation that is harmful to them.

Anyhow, back to the lessons! The kids had a GREAT TIME and are eager to go back tomorrow. I was surprised that they served breakfast (juice and danishes/muffins) to all the parents and siblings that weren't taking lessons. I figure for what they typically charge for juice and muffins, I am coming out way ahead on the price of the lessons...feeding myself and the 5 other kids! The lessons lasted for an hour today and continue the rest of the week.

After lessons we met up with friends and played in the waterpark for a couple of hours. Will is getting so much more confident in the water...he even started "swimming" today...where he puts his hands on the bottom of the pool and lets the rest of his body float. He really is a little fish, he just loves playing in the water! He is happy to just sit in the pool with the water up to his shoulders!

I found out that they offer a program for scouts for water safety/first aid. I am going to pass the information on to Emily's girlscout leader. It is a great deal, they do everything they require to earn the swimming badge for FREE with the price of admission (special scout pricing of $10.50 a girl and the leader is free). Deanne and I think we might inquire if they would do the program for our 4-H group later this summer and hopefully we can tie it into the first aid project.

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