Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Will's 2 year old photo shoot!

I hope this link works....

That should take you to the photo shoot at the Picture People's website for Will's 2nd birthday. He absolutely REFUSED to smile and spent most of the session SCREAMING, I don't know what his problem was, OK I do know what his problem was, he DIDN'T want his picture taken. Any picture of just his face, I am holding him and leaning out of the way.

If nothing else I have a picture to prove his ever so stubborn attitude! I felt bad because the only picture I got was the first one, which was free with our coupon, but I really didn't want to buy pictures of him throwing a tantrum with snot in his nose and tears streaming down his face! I have an appointment to have Sophie's pictures done tomorrow at JC Penney's so if he is in a better mood, maybe I will have them snap some of him then!

Happy birthday William!

Edited 7-4-06: They snapped these at Sophie's 4 year photo shoot. Still not very good, but at least he wasn't screaming and throwing things at the photographer!

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