Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Birds of Prey Park Program

A mom in one of the homeschooling groups we are members of set up a park program on Birds of Prey. It is unusual for me to be the one attending a program and not the one setting it up. John, the naturalist at the park, even commented on how unusual it was! The woman who set up the program said that program was for children in grades 1-6 so since Em had girlscouts, it was just the 3 middle boys....Grant, Jacob and Cade. Of course their friend Chris joined us!

The program was great and they actually had 4 birds of prey for us to interact with....a redtailed hawk, 2 screech owls and a great horned owl. Not that being in the same room with 4 birds did much for my allergies!

Grant posed a question that John didn't know the answer to so we came home and looked it up on the internet.

The question: How fast does the great horned owl fly?

The answer: Up to 40 MPH

Here is the great link we used to find the answer:

The boys were thrilled that after the program we stayed and played in the park for about an hour (we had to leave by 12:15 PM to go and pick up my dad). It was WEIRD that other than Deanne and Chris, none of the other families that attended the program stayed to play in the park. It was an absolutely beautiful, cool day. So sad that even the homeschooled kids don't get a change to enjoy the beautiful weather!

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hestiahomeschool said...

We have a red tailed hawk that is hunting pigeons in our neighborhood. She is SO COOL, but I do feel sorry for the pigeons...ah, nature is rough.