Monday, September 18, 2006

She made it!!!

Emily auditioned yesterday for the Cincinnati Ballet's The Nutcracker. They posted the results TODAY on their website (talk about a quick turn around)! She has been cast as a SOLDIER WITH RIFLE! Different role from last year, but still part of the battle scene. The parent meeting is this Saturday and hopefully we will find out which cast she is part of and which performances she will be part of. Especially good to know so we can buy tickets to see the school matinee which is only $10 a ticket versus the usually $30+ a ticket!

I am so ecstatic for her! It is such a big deal for her to be able to dance with a professional ballet company even if it is only for a couple of months. She dreams of someday being part of a ballet company.

She received a compliment a few weeks ago from one of the most talented dancers at our studio. This young lady told Emily that she thought she was one of the most beautiful dancers she had ever seen. Such a huge compliment coming from this young lady. Emily has been on cloud nine ever since!

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